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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Galian Beast, Sep 6, 2006.

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    The Cowboys in Madden 07 are surprisingly missing our base offensive scheme. They gave us Singleback Big Twin WR for some reason. When our offense is clearly Singleback Big, with Fasano playing strong side, and witten playing weak side.

    I tried to add the formation to Parcells' playbook, but it doesn't give you enough space for everything. So I basically added some of parcells plays with Belicheck's singleback big plays.

    And it really does work out. You just get so much time to pass, and there is always someone open. If T.O. is single teamed, touchdown... or at least huge gains. Terry Glenn beats single coverage pretty easy too. But Fasano and Witten are also great targets, and having Julius in the flats is great too. But you can design the singleback big formation like the 3-4, and the defense can't really tell who is going down field, and who is staying back to block. This formation is the 3-4 of offense.

    But like the 3-4 it requires correct personnel, and at least in the game... we have it. Two receiving tight ends who can function as blockers, as well as a huge threat at receiver, both of which are speed threats. And a running back who can catch in the flats. My completion percentage and yards per attempt are way up.

    Only problem is I haven't been able to run for ****.
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    haha, well that tells us that during the season we must throw the ball andnever run it :D

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