Our #1, #2, and #3 receivers

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Verdict

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    Key, Glenn and Crayton have looked very good so far in the preseason. If they stay healthy this is going to be a great year. Bledsoe's comments that he could play catch all day with Glenn in 1st preseason game appears to be true in the other games as well. This guy still has speed to burn and it open....a lot.

    I really think the key to this season is Glenn staying healthy. He can stretch the field a lot, and can catch the ball. If Key goes down, it would hurt, but I think Crayton would be a very strong replacement for Key. I really think we will see three wide receiver sets employed a lot by the Cowboys this year.
  2. baj1dallas

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    I don't think we will. I think we'll see a good mix of 3 wides, two TE, and two back sets. If we go into the season with 4 TEs I expect we'll lean more towards more two TE sets.

    I think Crayton will have to work pretty hard if he wants to get 30 catches this season.
  3. Portland Fanatic

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    I agree that Glenn is an important piece this years offense...infact last night I was thinking he will get about 1100 yards if he stays healthy. He has the speed and flat out gets open. I think Crayton will be a really nice #3...kid has great hands!

    Key....let's not forget he's a move the chains receiver...important to say the least. I bet he gets close to 1000 yards, but Glenn will be the main target I think. JMO...
  4. Duane

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    Crayton has done nothing but impress me so far. However Key is starting to worry me. I don't think he can get separation on corners any more and I wonder if he's really going to be very effective, especially with Witten as the possession receiver.
  5. WoodysGirl

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    You know Duane, I think Key's chemistry w/Bledsoe has really been downplayed throughout TC. It's been mentioned here and there, with him saying, "We just need to work on our rhythm" or something to that effect. While Bledsoe's been able to establish that w/Witten and Glenn, it's something to really wonder about. Comments I've seen have been that Bledsoe has never had a receiver like Key, big and tall and someone where, even if he doesn't look open, he's open. So is it separation or is chemistry?

    I'm not trying to give excuses for Key's subpar numbers in the preseason, I'm just wondering.
  6. dallasfan31

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    i really happpy about what we got in crayton he going be a good one. i am start to worry about key and bledsoe getting on the same page. glenn is the man having a good camp and pre season going have a very good year.
  7. NovaCowboy

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    I think you hit the nail on the head Duane.

    Im a little worried about Key too.
  8. Muhast

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    Someone pushed out of the mix is Copper. I think if Key or TG go down, Copper will show us something good.
  9. RedLine

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    We have yet to see our real offence. Bill has been forcing the balls to the young guys to see what they are made of. Once the season starts we are going to see a lot more of Glenn and Key. I believe Glenn, Key and Crayton combined with the running of JuJo we will have a much more potent offence than what we have seen in preseason.
  10. Dallas

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    Wow - You people I swear.

    Since when did Key need 1 or even 2 yards seperation from a CB to make a catch? He has never been one to need it. He is just like Irvin I think. He uses his hands/weight/big frame to shield off CB's and make yards and move chains. Since when did he turn into a WR w 4.3 speed?
  11. Canadian BoyzFan

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    He had an all-pro push off against the Texans.
  12. Banned_n_austin

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    I think we'll see Key in the slot some ...
  13. goshan

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    Ok...lets state the real facts about the RCVRs so far.
    Crayton has looked excellent.
    Glenn has looked ok...he was non-existent until the Texans game.
    Key hasn't done anything. He is aging and slowing.

    I think Key is clearly on the decline.
    Our RCVR core is mediocre at best. But if you add Witten in there and Crayton continues to play well, we may be ok.

    For you other guys who don't want any criticism of any player or position, this is reality guys. I don't subscribe to the blind homer approach.

    Wake up -- we aren't an A+ at every position or we would go 16-0.
  14. smashmouth

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    :hammer: Don't forget about what Key brings to the table.

    He's never brought speed but managed to get the job done, so if he never brought speed, then he won't fade away when he get's slower because he's been able to do it without the speed.

    Key is a reliable hands guy, has fast cuts in his breaks, and can get deep on you if you don't pay attention to him.
  15. Boy's fan in Giant land

    Boy's fan in Giant land New Member

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    I swear, it's absolutely amazing how some of you - not just in this thread, but all over the board - rag the hell out of some of our players. They're all on the team and we should be rooting for each and every one of them.

    Key has done everything that was expected of him since the day we brought him in and more. He played hurt a good part of last season, missed getting 1000 by less than 40 yards and may well have gotten it had he not been injured in the last game. He's one of the better blockers in the entire league as far as wr's go - yeah, yeah, he wiffed on a big block in Saturday's game. Does it count for anything? The man can take a vicious hit and still hold onto the ball. He brings that rah-rah, let's go kick their butts attitude to the offense much like Michael Irvin did for us. AND he'll jump right in the opposing teams face if he thinks a dirty hit was delivered. That's the kind of guy I'd want watching my back.

    All of you doubters are going to be eating your words come the end of the season.
  16. wileedog

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    I don't think there is any difference in Key's play at all.

    I just don't think Drew is used to throwing to a guy who is blanketed by a smaller corner and he catches it anyway. Vinny came in here knowing what Key could do, and if anything was guilty of forcing the ball too much to him.

    Key will start out slow, but at some point Drew and him will click, and if nothing else Bledsoe has the accuracy to take advantage of Key if he can get used to throwing to him.

    If Glenn stays healthy, Witten continues being Witten and Crayton can carry this into the regular season then Drew won't lack for targets, so I'm not especially worried yet.
  17. Deep_Freeze

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    Well, we do have to be realistic here. No reason to worry about Glenn (other than him being a bit injury prone), him and Bledsoe have chemistry. I have heard many times that Bledsoe isn't used to a receiver with size and such like Key, but he had Moulds last year. Honestly, he isn't used to a receiver that wants you to throw him the ball with no separation, and just trying to block the CB from the pass.

    I like everything that Key brings to the table. To say that Key has never needed separation to make a catch is just the wrong direction to go. With a lack of separation, it gives the QB much less room for error when throwing the ball. As a QB, you know that you have to hit Key right on the money or it could be going the other way. That situation just makes the QB not want to throw Key the damn ball.
  18. Deep_Freeze

    Deep_Freeze Well-Known Member

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    This is my point, in order for Key to "catch it anyway", the QB has to put the ball in the perfect spot. IF you miss him any, then that small CB can get the ball. Key just doesn't have much room for error for a QB.
  19. DallasDomination

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    I have a big feeling Crayton is going to be the best WR we're gonna have this season.And on the flipside(haha) Key is going to have the worst year.Besides Endzone throws I dont see key as a very agile WR,he gets no seperation and lacks speed.

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