Our Defense is Scary...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by REDVOLUTION, Dec 12, 2005.


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    Our Defense is Scary. I mean even when we are letting the likes of L.J. run all over us YOU STILL FEEL like the Defense is gonna come up with a big play. Make things happen.

    I get this feeling and then it happens. It happened again yesterday right before Fujita caused fumble.

    It happened in previous weeks too. You almost expect it now. They are swarming, hitting hard and just getting to the ball. Our DB are like Patriot missiles sniping the scud missiles from their targets.

    Glenn and Henry are impressing me. They keep going and going....
  2. jbsg02

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    That SCARY defense gave up 493 yards.
  3. TunaFan33

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    However-when you get plays like that from Fujita, a good chunk of it becomes moot.

    And besides, this IS KC's style of play anyways-and it's not helping them a bit 'till they get a decent D.
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    I'm willing to wager that 70% of those yards were on Henry. When he's at pre-injury levels, this D is certainly "scary".
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    By act of God the Chiefs are not allowed to have both a good offense and a good defense at the same time.
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    ..with all the well deserved excitement over the game..

    AGAIN..the defense does give up way too many huge plays at the end of games like yesterday.

    They broke down against Denver in the end and lost, they broke down against the Giants repeatedly all game and never controlled the game at all in the biggest game of the year..

    ..and then allowed KC in two plays with virtually no time remaining on the clock to get down there to try a FG to get into OT.

    These are huge problems that have haunted us all year. And I won't talk about the new issues the defense is struggling with stopping the run.


    If the deep secondary does not play better than this..I don't see us going far if we should make the playoffs.

    In the playoffs, good teams will exploit us with Roy Williams and Davis in the secondary and we'll be one-and-out in a hurry..if we even get there.

    If Henry is able to play and Glenn is healthy enough to play, isn't it time to consider moving Glenn to FS and let Davis come up into the slot on obvious passing downs and give him help if necessary with a Lber on the slot receiver and try to stop all this suicide bombing going on to our secondary we are seeing..?

    Or if Henry is better suited to play FS and Glenn the CB spot because of nagging injuries, that too.

    Roy Williams obviously needs a better FS to help him cover deep down field and we really have to stop the hemorraging with the deep passes aimed at him and Davis.

    There just has to be a better way than what we are seeing. I sort of assumed that when we got Aaron Glenn, it was to eventually move him into the FS position if Davis didn't work out...as well as provide CB help, too.

    I think with Glenn's injury, he'd be more effective being 10 yds. behind the LOS and let him use his experience reading the routes and the QB tendencies and let him get a few picks. Or at the very least, have a few chances to stop the deep middle free-for-all.

    And coming from FS would stop him from having to run up field every play as from CB and let him get a jump on the WR's coming downfield without wearing out the ankle.

    I realize with Henry and Glenn nursing injuries, it's a complicated issue. But the playoffs are on the line and something different has to be tried.

    Davis and Williams are being eaten alive and every team is going to jus keep isolating them for big plays until we give them another personnel look back there..IMO.

    What we have isn't going to cut it. It really hasn't all year and left unattended, it will eventually kill us.

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    I agree
  8. Tobal

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    Roy was a no show yesterday
  9. CrazyCowboy

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    LOL! :laugh2:
  10. Jarv

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    Where has the pass rush gone ?

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