Our former DBs excelling... It's the coaching

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rpatricc, Nov 17, 2013.

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    Not sure that's really accurate or fair to Claiborne.
    Mo started as a rookie and played in 15 of the 16 games.

    His shoulder was clearly separated and in pretty bad shape while he attempted to play for a few weeks this year.
    They finally sat him and we should benefit form better play because of it.
    A guy known for playing the ball won't do much of that without being able to lift their arms above the shoulder.
    He's only missed 3 career games thus far. Hardly an epidemic and certainly far less games missed than Sean Lee who we just paid franchise LB money to.
    --Lee is undoubtedly a franchise level LB when healthy.
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    This is my biggest problem with him.. Maybe I could overlook the lack of toughness, the unwillingness to tackle, and the plays he gives up if he was the playmaker I saw at LSU.. at LSU he looked like a WR going up for the ball when the ball was thrown his way.. I don't see that at this level.. The pick against Carolina in the endzone last year he caught on his knees in his lap and the one against Denver was a good play but a severely underthrown ball I don't see him going up with the receivers and making any plays.. I think it may be a confidence issue but you won't get very far in this league as a DB if you lose confidence so easily
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    He's undoubtedly got to get better.
    But he is a pretty darn good cover player as is imho.
    He needs to get stronger (and stop the friggin slant) but he has the skills to run with people.

    We don't draft these guys as finished products.
    It takes some time.

    He is following much the same pattern as Jenkins except he is a bit better every step thus far.

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