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our new QB? (Joke Related)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ka0tik, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. ka0tik

    ka0tik DALLAS

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  2. DeWare94

    DeWare94 Member

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    lmao, i'm pretty sure he's right handed tho
  3. ka0tik

    ka0tik DALLAS

    2,950 Messages
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    yeah bro, i started lmao. too.. :lmao2:
  4. jamez25

    jamez25 Active Member

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    I bet he could throw that ball over them there mountains ... [IMG]
  5. 88 enough said

    88 enough said Member

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    THats comical. Thats the thing about TO, every thing he does is comical. He has three moods, 1. Gameday- Super Instense, 2. Everyday TO- Comical, and 3. Pain in the Butt- Team destroyer. Hopefully we won't see #3.

    TO is really what this team needs. He had a fire on the sideline that I havent seen since Irvin and Charles Haley. This team will start to feed off that once they get use to it. Did you see the looks on the faces of various players, it was like "What the F is he doing, Yelling and trying to get us fired up." Like it or not TO brings something else to the game beside good play- Its that "Fire and Intensity" he has that "IT Factor", other IT Factor players to give an example would be guys like " Irvin, Haley, Ray Lewis, Mike Singletary, Joey Porter, Larence Taylor. Those are guys that other pro athletes, go "I aint messing with this Dude" Who comes to mind with you guys on that "IT Factor" Guys who are so crazy that they even scare other pro athletes.
  6. Yeagermeister

    Yeagermeister Active Member

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    That was TO? I thought it was Vince Young :D
  7. ka0tik

    ka0tik DALLAS

    2,950 Messages
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    yup, it was them ''large'' lineman tired of running..;)

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