Our Worst O-Lineman This Year

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by FiveRings, Sep 24, 2013.

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    Thank you
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    That says it all.:mad:
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    Is there a way to set-up a breathalyzer test that's connected to the site? I think users should have to blow into a breathalyzer before being allowed to submit a post each time, because it's clear FiveRings is blowing over a .08 alcohol level. I'm not sure this is possible, though we can dream right? ... Maybe some day.
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    They haven't been giving Free a lot of help from what I've read. Both Free and Tyron are on islands but the interior is at times as well just not as easy to see and not nearly as often. They're all doing pretty well. I don't know why anyone is upset about Bernie. He definitely isn't the best OL I've seen but he's doing reasonably well so far. He gave up a sack and 2 hits and hurries against the Giants then one hurry since then. So year his first game was subpar even for him. He graded out well against the Rams at 3.1.
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    Tyron is not the monster that many on this board thinks he is, but Berny just flat out stinks. Nothing is more unforgivable than a big, strong olineman playing soft. I said it when they were signed and I still think it is true that Berny and Livings were terrible free agent signings. They were a sorry excuse for addressing the oline.
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    There have been some real doozies today. Seems like the Cowboys winning bring them out
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    Oh my... Really?
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    I blame this crap on Larry Allen ........ he has given Cowboy fans an unrealistic idea of what a good O-lineman is.
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    wow....some people need to pass the test first. Didn't happen here.
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    Free is getting help maybe more publicized than Smith, but Free is getting a TE chipping on his way out into the pattern to help contain his guy. It is not a hook up and grade the guy out but slow his outside move as the TE releases.
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    I think you have to look at those outside guys a little bit differently than the interior. Both Smith and Free are getting left alone in their blocking assignments, while there's a lot of double-teamming on the inside. Relative to how they are playing them and the faith they are showing with them, Smith and Free are playing quite well.

    Bernadeau had been our weakest link, but has looked a little better rotating with Waters. Leary and Frederick have had some bumps, but overall, with the rotation, the line is playing pretty well. I think some people grab on to any mistake a lineman makes as evidence that he's not playing well, but they are all going to get beaten at times. The thing we have to look at is are the battles lost far fewer than those won.
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    I just wiped my butt with this thread...
    We should make a thread saluting his great effort against some of the NFL's best. sheeesh!
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    This thread did make me think how nice it is to even consider that Smith might be our worst lineman.
    Think about last year when all concerned thought Smith towered above all other Cowboy offensive lineman.
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    Good one OP
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    I've been a big - and justifiably so - critic of Bernardeau too, but I have to give him some credit. I think his play has picked up as of late in his rotation with Waters and I loved seeing him fired up against the Rams. It's nice to see him look like he cares.
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    I thought this would be another when will waters take over for berny thread
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    I'm just angry that it takes someone coming in and threatening his job to make him play/care like this.
  19. stasheroo

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    I'm not happy about that either. But I am happy with what I feel are improved results.

    I was an outspoken critic of what I felt were unmotivated, unchallenged complacent linemen in past years when guys like Colombo, Gurode, and Davis were in obvious decline with no one to push them or challenge for their spots.

    I like the competition I'm seeing in several areas of the team.
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    Lol @ this thread.....

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