Out of Place and Unnecessary Rueage Thread... JJ Watt over Tyron Smith

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Erik_H, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. burmafrd

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    by the end of his rookie season he was one of the best RTs in the league. Your need to cry about watt is just blinding you to reality
  2. CATCH17

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    Thats something thats debatable before the draft. After you make the pick I don't think you can go back and say he didn't deserve to be a top 10 guy.

    What if Claiborne ends up being just a solid player? Did he not deserve to be a top 10 pick even though he was clearly the best defender in college?
  3. perrykemp

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    Nothing to do with Watt. Where I guess I am going with this is that I am slightly underwhelmed with Tyrone's performance through the first two years of his career. He was the first lineman taken in the 2011 draft and a top 10 pick.

    He has done OK. Not bad. OK.

    I'm hoping that next year, his 2nd year at LT, he begins to become the dominant tackle we all hope he can become.
  4. StanleySpadowski

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    It'd be pretty easy to claim what you wanted to do if this site didn't have a search function.

    People should search what they wrote at the time before claiming differently.
  5. bounce

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    Ok, I'll restate. He played amazing for a 20 year old rookie. Far better than anyone could have expected.
  6. perrykemp

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    Forget that he was 20 years old for a minute.

    He was the 1st lineman taken in the draft.

    He was a top 10 pick.

    He gave up 8 sacks a rookie. As a point of reference, Brian Bulaga the Packers RT (in his 2nd year) gave up 1.5 sacks and only 2.5 knockdowns at RT in 2011.

    Big difference there.

    My point here isn't to champion Bulaga it is compare Tyrone Smith's 2011 performance to another top NFC RT -- the weren't even in the same ballpark.

    Please tell me what was "amazing" about Tyrone's 2011 performance? Again, I think Tyrone has played OK -- I just think people have built up his rookie season to be some amazing thing it wasn't.
  7. CATCH17

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    A lot of things can factor into that. Especially when you have a QB like Romo who doesn't know how to throw the ball away.

    He wasn't amazing as a rookie but he was really good. Borderline Pro Bowler.

    I think a Zone run blocking scheme would help him some with his run blocking. As far as his pass blocking goes I think it's always going to be a challenge with the QB we have and the guys he will have to face.

    Dallas made the correct pick. They chose a player that they felt could anchor the 2nd most important position on the offense for a decade +.

    Would I take Watt over Tyron? Of course. It's a no brainer.

    The Cowboys did the right thing though. Left Tackle vs 3-4 DE and they chose the left tackle. It was a no brainer for us.
  8. perrykemp

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    I agree with this. Tyron was above average - maybe even borderline Pro-Bowl as a rookie and probably slightly below average in his 2nd year.

    I expect him to be a top 2-3 LT next in the NFC.
  9. Sifillest

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    Also, we don't know what Watt would have done over here. Maybe he would have blown out his knee in game 6 or something....given our luck with injuries.
  10. perrykemp

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    This is true.

    I do think, however, that it is safe to say that if Watt was in Dallas and played this year like he did in Houston, the Cowboys would be have been a playoff team.

    Can you imagine the havoc of Watt pressuring in the middle of the field with Ware and Spencer collapsing the edges?
  11. Erik_H

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    When it comes down to it, I think that's why I brought it up. I think we can all agree that the right move at the time was to pick Tyron. Whether that need could and should have been addressed in previous drafts is a fair point for debate. The failure of the 2009 draft seriously hurt our team.

    Just imagining what a D with Ware and Watt and what that would have looked like. )Also might have made be want to search for players with names like Wye,Wen, Howe and maybe Hoo. :) )

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