Overcoming Adversity and Playing Championship Football.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by brooksey1, Dec 4, 2012.

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    We all face it at some time or another. It's a time when your not running on all cylinders or maybe a bad thing has happened. It's something you didn't anticipate or something has you down. So what do we do? We can either roll over and die or stand up and fight. It's not easy, sometimes we do it by ourselves, sometimes we have the support of people around us. Either way we must fight through it. The Dallas Cowboys are in that situation. It doesnt matter who's fault it is or who's injured. The only thing that matters is what we're going to do about it.

    Now If We had Sean Lee and Bruce Carter...I would feel a little more optimistic about making a run but the O-line is getting healthier and Demarco is Back. To make arun at the playoffs it's gonna take one hell of an effort with "Mistake Free Football" to get it done. Over the last few weeks our offense is getting better but our defense is regressing. We miss Sean Lee and Bruce Carter. All we can hope for is Conner and Sims come together and get some help. As much as I've been upset with the JG coaching failures...I'll back all our coaches and players to see a run. If there is anything to this RKG investment I would like to see the return in the next 4 weeks. No Lee, No Carter? Ok..Let's see some dynamic coaching, discipline and championship style play... that means play with some Damn Heart! If that happens I don't care who we lose too. I'm just sick and tired of seeing drive kiling penalties, turnovers, bad routes and lack of effort on a tackle or blocking assignment. To me ...correcting the little things and having every man come together with one goal and one focus to achieve it is Championship Coaching and Championship Football. We have a weakness in the middle of our defense right now. If we lose because of it i'm fine, we really don't have much control over it. We do have control over the mental mistakes, assignments, the effort, the game plans and our starters (Parnell for Free if needed). If we correct the things we CAN control...we can make some noise. If we don't it's over next week when Pitt comes to town. INJURIES ARE ONLY AN EXCUSE IF IT'S THE INJUIRES THAT ARE GETTING US BEAT. Right now it's a lot more then injuries.

    If JG is the coach of the future then the future is now, there is plenty of talent. Is JG man enough to demand the respect of these men and lead them into battle? Can he prepare them for Victory? Is JG Man enough to inspire and motivate these men into laying it all out for the cause? If he's the right guy then his time is now. No Excuses. Prepare your men for Battle Garrett. Prove you're the man. Win or Lose... prove it.
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    If we score 40 a game we might have a chance.
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    I don't know how Dallas will manage this with a roster littered with guys who only expected to see preseason action this year, and not much else.

    Seriously, who else is going to get injured?
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    With the O line and the injuries on D no one with any real knowledge of Football would think we are going anywhere this year.
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    ITs Over, there is NO run... THis team is exactly hat it is and will continue to be...
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    Exactly my point. Injuries are a great excuse to pack it in. Let's see the rest of it get cleaned up and some real effort. Let's see mistake free football, smart football played with passion.

    If we see those things and we still lose, then blame the injuries.

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