Owens not on Chiefs’ list

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by TheSkaven, Mar 15, 2006.

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    With the article below and the news that Denver does not even have enough space to sign its two first round picks, it would seem to take two of the top contenders for TO out of the mix. I still think Miami will sweep in and make a very compeling offer.


    Owens not on Chiefs’ list

    Edwards says team does not have plans to contact receiver
    The Kansas City Star

    The T.O. watch got off to a slow start at Arrowhead Stadium. Not a single sighting of Terrell Owens, the controversial veteran wide receiver who became a free agent Tuesday when he was released by the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Chiefs coach Herm Edwards said the Chiefs had no plans to meet with Owens.
    “We haven’t had that conversation,” Edwards said. “We haven’t talked about it. We don’t know what that situation is, so we’ll just have to see.

    “We haven’t talked to his people since the Senior Bowl (in January). Nothing has transpired since that. We’re open to listening to everybody. That’s what you have to be able to do in free-agency. You have to be a good listener.”
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    Seems as if the market for TO is smaller than he may have thought.
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    So much for that rumor that they offered a pick for TO and couldn't make his salary demands.
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    From what I've read it would appear BP and JJ are returning to the Ranch for some more free agent visits and potential signings this weekend. And while TO's publicist said he's not scheduled to visit Dallas yet that could happen this weekend.
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    Miami just inked Daunte, so they aren't quite as financially set as they originally were.

    Denver has visited with him twice and both visits have gone bad. Like the threadstarter said, they don't even have enough to sign their draft choices.

    Kansas City only offered Owens a 1 year deal laden with incentives. They were just seeing if they could get him for a bargain.

    It basically is down to one team, the Dallas Cowboys. So JJ has more leverage here than we originally thought.
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    TO doesnt know what leverage means if it isnt his........
  7. Apollo Creed

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    Good point but the ball is in the owner's court this time during negotiations. If JJ doesn't like the deal, he can back out knowing Owens wont be signed immediately by someone else.

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