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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Us Cali fans are not losing interest. See with practice being so late at 4pm the traffic makes it very difficult to actually get up there and enjoy it. When I went we had to leave my house at 2:15 and after practice we didn't get home until almost 7. So it's made going to TC very difficult. But Sunday was crazy packed BTW also in years past they didn't have as much room as they do now so it makes the crowd spread out.
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    This. I have been twice and the traffic at that time slot is horrible. I live about 50 miles away and we get traffic going and coming :( There is no way I can avoid the 101 unless I want to use the PCH, that is bad too. There are alternate routes but those take us way North out of the way.

    Went to the opening and it was crowded(5Kish) then went on a Wed. and was maybe 2k fans. So, not too crowded but we were still packed in. Hoping to catch one more practice soon.
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    Nice post. Thanks.
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    not making excuses but some guys just play better under the lights, he might be one of those guys...or he might have the problems that other williams of ours had, we will see.
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    Ditto on this. Thanks CC!
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    good read....
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    Thanks, CC. Hope for more later if you get back.
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    Thanks for sharing CC.
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    I am glad all of you enjoyed my report above.....I am not a professional writer like some of you Zoners etc.....just a Hillbilly who loves his Cowboys!
    Additional tidbits from camp as I have some time to type more......

    Murray is running with a purpose.....now he always runs hard in past training camps, however he seem angry running this year.......maybe Dunbar (wow, has he improved) is putting a jump in his step ......Dunbar is having a great camp during the practices I attended. Dunbar is a little bigger from the weight rm......and he is by far our most explosive runner. I predict he will be a huge factor this year. That is only me saying that so........but, Dunbar is exciting.

    I isolated on Arkin because I was surprised at all the positive information from the media......hey, it is true folks .....Arkin is holding his own......we just might develope a strong/young OL, but, I am still worried about it but we have hope. ROMO had no time to look down field several times and have to dump off to his secondary reads etc.....I cannot believe how quick Romo can realease the football......he is amazing!

    Webb, B.W. made the play of the day to end a practice.....right in front of me .....Orton (I believe) tried to zip a slant to a Wr and Webb had inside coverage and he jumped in the air and twisted his body and caught the ball with two hands all in one motion ......all of his teamates were excited for him.....came running over to him and jumping on him.....great moment......Webb is a great project....he could be special sooner rather then later folks.

    Wilcox, J.J. I know....already said he is our Best hitter on the team.....did I mention a STUD? He is my favorite new player.....you guys just wait.

    Witten, Jason is a quiet Pro.....does his job PERFECT.....helps the young players and the best part.....when practice was over ......he is the first to run over to the handicap folks and sign autographs and talk with them. ....etc.....we are lucky to have Jason

    Sims, Ernie was one of our best pickups ....I liked him last year......honestly to me.....he looks better then Durant but, I am not the coaches.........but we are lucky to have Sims folks.....strong and fast and hits hard

    Hatcher, Jason used to be one of my disappointments but, his lights started coming on last season....and I am not sure what he is doing, but, he looks like a Pro Bowler out there now......seriously, he is not the same player......could it be he is better suited for the 4-3? He is disrupting alot of Romo's timing up the middle .....oh, yea.....we are weak at guard huh? Anyhow, I believe Jason has improved greatly.....he is a positive for our D

    I so concerned with our Punter's ......all of them.....not going to mention their names......but, I am telling you folks......they had better improve or it will cost us a ball game this year.

    Bailey, Dan is a great kicker.....man, he was one of the first on the field before practice and he has a couple of ball boys and starts kicking from the 40 and works up to the 55 yards out......I saw him nail 8 in a row, right down the middle and got bored watching him.

    Orton, Kyle used to excite me so much as our backup....and I still like him......good size/strong arm.....but, man, he was much better last year .....he is spraying the ball high.....low.....or too hard....something is not right with Kyle, but it is early and I believe he will work it out......he is a great backup.

    One of my goals upon landing in Oxnard was to evaluate who was going to emerge as the leader of the DEFENSE--Ware is a great player, but Lee, Sean is something else to watch. He is just going to get at that dang football before anyone else does.....time after time....he makes the play and the players love him......I was watching all players to see who they gravated too during defensive drills etc....time after time.....player went to Lee....looked at Lee for the play call.....huddle

    In my humble opinion, SEAN LEE is our RAY LEWIS folks! The new leader of the DEFENSE!
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    Awesome recap. I knew Lee would become our defensive leader. It was only a matter of time. I also felt Dez would become our emotional leader on offense. This team was in desperate need of guys like this. Love it.
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    This. CC, you're the man! That's why I voted you Dallas' most famous fan! :D
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    lol thanks Zimmy....I am not very famous, however, I can sincerely state, noone loves the Cowboys more then me......but, maybe some just as good--maybe.....;-)
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    You da man, bro! Plus, you serve our Country...and that is even better!
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    Can't wait too see him hit this Sunday
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    Loved the thread CC. You are the most infectiously optimistic fan I've seen.
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    LOL I gave you a "like". I am a red-headed white boy.

    Anyway, good stuff Sportsbabe!
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    At this rate... the entire globe will be cowboy fans in 72 hours!

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    very nice c-squared...thank you! I think the Wilcox info is what gets me the most excited
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    I was talking to a fellow fan yesterday and said that the California fans are letting us down by not posting their own reviews. Those of us who went to San Antonio camp have always done our own reviews. And, VOILA! There you are! (Of course, I know you are a Texas fan in California for TC). But, come on California members, get with it!
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    Thanks for your posts. You are answering some of the exact questions that I have. I wish I could go, but your posts are the next best thing.

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