Packers Matt Flynn next year's Kolb?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by perrykemp, Nov 17, 2011.

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    At some point NFL teams will learn about system QBs.

    Philly has been pawning their useless QBs off on the rest of the league for a long time now: AJ Feely, McNabb and Kolb.

    The same is true for GB and Flynn.
  3. 8FOR!3

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    I don't believe in system quarterbacks. I think it's all about being accurate, a good decision maker, and a leader. McNabb was never accurate, he's always been a solid leader, but meh as a decision maker. Guys like Matt Flynn are a crap shoot because we haven't really seen what he has to offer as a starter. I didn't see enough in Kolb in Philly to warrant giving up that much for him. People like to throw out Matt Cassel as an example, but it's not like he was some God in New England when he played. He's not bad now, not great, but good. And that's about what he's always shown.
  4. perrykemp

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    You mean Mark Brunell and Matt Hassellback? Those two Packer backups went on to very good careers.

    Heck, Aaron Brooks wasn't horrible either.
  5. The Emperor

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    Different system.
  6. 8FOR!3

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    And let's be real, Kevin Kolb isn't THAT bad. I don't know what everybody was expecting from him. It's not his fault Arizona gave up half the farm for him, I could've told them that was stupid. Doesn't really make him a system quarterback. Feeley I'd have a hard time arguing, he's just a strange quarterback overall. The dude will go out against the best team of all time and look like a hall of famer and then 7 days later against the same team he'll throw 10 interceptions. McNabb on the other hand is just getting old and the game is passing him by. Doesn't really have much to do with the system, maybe you could argue the amount of talent they've got surrounding them has a lot more to do with it.
  7. GoldenFlash

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    Flynn will be a FA after this season is over. So unless they Franchise him for no reason other than to trade him for something good. Than he will be free to go where he wants.
  8. Hoofbite

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    Why would any team trade the farm for Flynn with the incoming crop of QBs in this draft?
  9. 8FOR!3

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    I could see Flynn competing with QBs on the following teams:

    Miami, New York (Jets,) Cleveland, Indianapolis, Denver, Kansas City, Washington, Arizona, and Seattle.

    Miami's likely going to draft a QB, + there'd be no guarantee Flynn would win out over Henne (or Moore for that matter.) Jets will probably go Sanchez another year, but it wouldn't be a stupid place for Flynn to sign if he could get fair competition for the starting job. I'm not convinced he's any worse than Sanchez. I'm convince Cleveland will give Colt McCoy another go. Indianapolis is probably out of question, they're a shoe in for Andrew Luck. Denver should be a legit possibility, Tebow and Quinn are awful and Orton's pretty much done there. Kansas City would be a similar situation to New York's. I kind of see them keeping Cassel and drafting a midround QB.

    Washington seems like the perfect fit for Matt Flynn. They might be too stupid to draft a QB in the first round this year and Flynn's better than the scrubs they currently have. Arizona's another Kansas City situation. They're not going to give up on Kolb yet and who knows, Bartel might actually be good. (Wait, is it Bartel or Skelton who's playing right now?) I'll put Seattle at #3, but I would THINK they'll draft a QB. If not, I'd let Flynn compete with the scrubs down there.

    So my top three guesses are Denver, Washington, and Seattle. I honestly don't know if he starts next season. The few teams who are in need for a starting QB will likely get one from the draft. Call me crazy, but I'd rather have Andrew Luck, Landry Jones, Robert Griffin III, Case Keenum, Weebster, and Boise State (what's his name???) other than Matt Flynn.

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