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    #22 R.B. Jonathan Stewart
    #28 W.R. James Hardy

    We get our compliment to Barber and a future #1 W.R. who will create mismatches with his size.

    2nd round: W.R. Mario Manningham

    Adds some POP to our offense and will be our Wes Welker type receiver in the slot to kill defenses concentrating on Witten/Hardy/T.O.!

    3rd Round: C.B. Zach Bowman

    We got Pacman whch gives us the best trio of C.B.'s in the NFL in Henry/Newman/Pacman, but still need more depth, and Bowman is a 1st round talent with speed to burn, injuries drops him to us in round 3 but like Canty, will be a steal in the coming years.

    4th Round: F.S./S.S. Bobbie Williams

    Gives us a replcement for Keith Davis only better safety prospect who can play both safety positions and gives us some flexibility next year if we lose Roy or Hamlin.

    5th Round: C.B. Pacman Jones

    No brainer, ALL The upside, NO downside, if he screws up, he's gone, we lose a late 5th rounder, no big deal, if he doesn't screw up, we got oursleves a former #6 overall draft pick with shutdown corner ability and a great return man for cheap salary.

    6th Round: C./G. Fernand Velasco

    Versatille Lineman who's big which we like who can backup Gurode which we desperately need and his ability to play guard is a plus also saving a roster spot on game day.

    7th Round: Q.B. Dennis Dixon

    Injuries drop him, but good developmental guy to be our 3rd stringer till he comes along enough to groom to be our #2 guy, Brad Johnson is 104 years old, we need to groom a young Q.B.!

    Well that's it, you can't get everything you need in one draft but I Think I came as close as you can come!

    We are now SET at W.R. for the present and for the FUTURE when we lose T.O., we're set at R.B. for a long time, and set at T.E., and set at Q.B., SO what that means is for the next 7 years, the only thing we will have to draft in future drafts is O-lineman and DEFENSE, DEFENSE, and MORE DEFENSE which should give us the best defense in the NFL to go with one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL, can you say RINGS?

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