Palin: Can't have health care reform without medical malpractice reform

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Angus, Aug 21, 2009.

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    The extreme left way of seeing things.
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    And the Right's:

    Let's be honest, if she looked like Hillary the extreme Right wouldn't care at all about her.
  3. iceberg

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    nothing you have said yet has even had the remote possiblity of going "over my head". trust me.

    you're just being a dorkwad because you happen not to like her so in your mind that makes her a fair target for your bullcrap.

    which is bullcrap.
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    If my aunt had gonads,she'd be my uncle,but she does not.
    Looks have nothing to do fail,again.
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    I noticed that neither one of you cared to dispute my statements. I didn't expect Artie too, because, well, he's Artie. But I expected more from you Ice.
  6. MetalHead

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    Fixed....I know what you meant.
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    She resigned Gov of Alaska so she could "effect change" from outside of Govt, away from D.C Beltway.......doing exactly that......

    and with one Death Panels...she swung the debate on Obama DeathCare.........swung it hard to the oppositon of it.....she gets people involved ---and that is how democracy works.....and the left cant have that happen....they want their investment in public educ. to have people content to watch Sunday afternoon football........not be away of the soft glove of stateism creep into their freedom..........

    She hit another solid double pointing out the Soro's/ Brazill Oil/ billions of USA dollars connection..........vrs. using that money for USA oil Exploration purposes...

    she is calling the issues on right vrs. wrong.....not Left vrs. Right as is usual in politics........and that is what scares the Left more than anything....

    I sure hope she has hired protection via Blackwater.....because the blind hatred for her from the left transends politics--its personal, its at islamist levels....

    It is the Left and thier quasi 'ism...pick the one you want to call it....but it Obama'ism that is driving the Townhall and the TeaParty people all of a sudden involved and aware of politics to her site..........

    those people are sick & tired of hearing a Newt, a Rommney etc capitulate on an issue when put face to face on a Sunday morning talk show....

    She is agreeing with them on the issues........

    she is smart like a fox.....and calling things ala Reagan: as she seys them go down......her move's since retiring have been very good.

    Lets see Obama's college transcripts.....oh ya another item not documented
    we know he can talk from a teleprompter---but he's as dumb as a rock when removed

    If looks could win in politcs.....the left would be parading dozens of their left wing hollywood movie stars into the ranks........give them a teleprompter, dont have the media cover their mistakes, glorify every move they make...oh ya they are already doing that with obama......

    again......the lefts hatred for her is not only on issue's, it is even beyond personal.........its a level only seen by radical islamists for Israel......
  8. iceberg

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    why should i? will some people go gaga over her naked?


    i can't help it there are sick people in the world, such as yourself.
  9. SuspectCorner

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    And how proud you must be of Palin and your Party of No - she and they can, and do, too often swing the debate by making the most baseless and factless of fear-mongering claims. Either through their own individual and collective ignorance, or by their calculating self-assuredness that the ignorant masses who readily drink up their swill won't do the light research required to refute their foolishness prior to launching into passionately oblivious 'town hall mode'. They effectively derail or delay any constructive debate over the real issues of health care reform.

    To suggest rating Palin over Obama based on the criteria of intelligence and academic bonafides is as grounded in reality as most of the fake health care reform bill contentions the Repuke party, it's say-anything wonks like Faux News (in totality), and it's staggeringly disproportionate number of misinformed followers - waft with the frequency of fart clouds at a chili cookoff.
  10. MetalHead

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    Are you talking about misinformed followers?
    :lmao2: ...enjoy the video.

  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    I got a wicked cold going on right now.

    I wish Sarah was here to give me an alcohol rub down and feed me soup.:laugh1:

    On a serious note, she is right that without reform in other areas, this is all for not.

    Hey...I must have medicine head, I have defended W and agreed with Sarah in a matter of a week...that should tell you how bad my cold is right now.:laugh1:
  12. jrumann59

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    OMG what a bunch of idiots, unfortunately we have to suffer through their ignorance.
  13. SuspectCorner

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    What a shocker! The Repuke's 'Barbie' Palin endorses that standard panacea of Republicans,tort reform. Particularly as enacted by that party's resident 'Ken', Rick Perry, in 2003.

    Never mind that tort reform theories have been endlessly debunked already...

    brag on this, governor Rick:

    ...Worse off

    However, not everyone agrees with Gov. Perry's assessment. Austin-based consumer group Texas Watch believes its new "Patient Justice" report debunks the theory that tort reform has helped improve health care.

    Last June, the Commonwealth Fund, a New York-based private foundation, produced a state-by-state evaluation of health care in the United States. For its "Patient Justice" report, Texas Watch reviewed data from the Commonwealth Fund study and matched some of that analysis against a list of states that have enacted tort-reform legislation.

    Among the findings, according to Texas Watch Executive Director Alex Winslow: Nearly 70 percent of the states with the poorest overall health system performance in the Commonwealth study limit patient access to the courts, as do 79 percent of the states ranked with the worst access to health care.

    Texas Watch says 84 percent of the states ranking poorest in quality of care, according to the Commonwealth study, also limit patient access to the courts.

    "Our report demonstrates the fallacy of the contention that limiting patient access to the legal system will lead to better health care," Winslow says.

    Texas Watch contends that Americans are better off in states that do not restrict the ability of injured patients to hold negligent doctors and hospitals accountable for their actions.

    Says Winslow -- who notes that Texas was ranked at or near the bottom in the Commonwealth Fund study in overall health system performance and access: "It is clear that taking away the legal rights of patients does not improve health care." ...

    ... and how 'bout Texas ranking as the nations' leader in percentage of uninsured, about 25%, under your expert guidance...

    ... with about 80% of those Texas uninsured being comprised of US citizens.

    Hey - great job, Governor Perry. :rolleyes:

    Palin wants to tie healthcare reform with tort reform. Tort reform is just as central to old-school Republican platforms as are preaching the horrors of socialized medicine, blaming illegal aliens for the nation's woes, and opposing abortion and same-sex anything.

    Palin extensively quotes Stuart Weinstein, a medical doctor and a longstanding proponent of tort reform. She also references experiences with tort reform in Alaska and Texas. Palin argues that reforming the tort system is essential for lowering costs. I will not even debate Palin's claim -- because others have addressed the argument already.

    Instead, I have some more fundamental questions for the former Governor.

    Big Guv'ment

    Medical malpractice suits are rooted in state tort law (for the most part). By what authority can the federal government take control of this specific aspect of state court systems, legislatures, juries and law practice? This seems to undermine three mainstays of conservatism: states' rights, federalism and deregulation.

    If, as many conservatives have argued, healthcare reform represents a severe intrusion into the interests of states and private citizens, then a federal law that caps liability for medical malpractice suits does the same. The reform Palin proposes would regulate damage awards in 50 states. It would interfere with the jury process and administration of justice in every state. It would prevent private parties from seeking remedies that the law in their states otherwise make available.

    Just as Palin argues that "Obamacare" would interfere with patients, their doctors and insurance companies, PalinLaw would interfere with patients, their lawyers, and juries. And speaking of "death panels," PalinLaw would allow the federal government to set the maximum value recoverable in a wrongful death action in all states. So, to borrow from Senator Grassley, if the doctor kills "grandma" PalinLaw would determine the maximum value that grandma was worth. If this is permissible, then conservatives should abandon or at least temper their rhetoric opposing healthcare reform (and other national policies).

    Don't Hold Uninsured Patients Hostage to Fulfill Political Agendas

    Second, why should the public hold healthcare reform hostage to bring about tort reform? Congress should not enmesh the explosive question of healthcare reform with the equally controversial topic of tort reform. This is just another argument for doing nothing.

    Under Palin's logic, the public should tie healthcare reform with a cure for cancer. Cancer adds greatly to healthcare costs. So do heart attacks and heart disease -- and to a much greater extent than litigation.

    If the public waits until medical researchers find a solution for these issues, then the cost of reforming healthcare would plunge. This would alleviate the concerns that many people have regarding the expense of a system overhaul. Wait, wait, wait and do nothing.
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    I'd like to see how they came up with these numbers.
  15. MetalHead

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    Meet the Electorate.
    Good job America.
    If Al Qaeda sees this video they'll attack us again and blame it on the Octomom,and those idiots in the video will believe it.
  16. iceberg

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    heh - i still don't get the real argument. so people wanna see an attractive woman naked. why does that make *her* less of a person? cowboyway just doesn't make sense on this one across the board.

    but it's just like every other convo with him i suppose.
  17. CowboyWay

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    I guess it really did go over your head. :rolleyes:

    Re read the thread a few times, and maybe you'll get it.

    Its simple. Someone made the claim that Palin had more new "freinds" on facebook last week than Jindal and Romney combined. I simply was making a point that one of the reasons she has so many "friends" is that its because she's hot. Its the same reason people watch Danica Patrick, or Anna Kournakova.

    Its a hot person, who doesn't normally look like the normal people who are involved in their particular field. Kournakova in Tennis, Danica in racing, and Palin in politics.

    To suggest that Palin has all these "freinds" because people like the way she thinks and doesn't have at least something to do with her being hot, is pretty dumb. But thats par for the course when it comes to palin, so its cool.
  18. MetalHead

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    That is where you are wrong.
  19. iceberg

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    let me type slowly so you totally understand.

    I GET YOU.

    there are things about palins stance i don't care for and yea, she can say some strange things.

    for the life of me i can't think of any politician, or even person, who can't.

    you don't like her so you magnify her faults at your own discretion.

    i take her as she comes.

    to think people only pay attention to her for looks is just stupid.
  20. CowboyMcCoy

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    What I want to know is: who is telling Sarah Palin what to say? Surely, she's been practicing since her last self-humiliating run for office.

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