Parcells is 41-44 without Belicheck

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by REDVOLUTION, Dec 9, 2005.

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    *COUGH* Phil Jackson *COUGH*
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    Oh fercryinoutloud--is THAT nonsense starting up again?!?!

    That stat is so stupid. For one thing, it factors in FOUR teams that he inherited which were total dogs. You want a better comparison--how did Belichick do in Cleveland, without a team that Parcells had already built for him?

    Frankly, that nonsense is just as stupid as saying Belichick can't win without Weis/Crennel.
    Or Holmgren couldn't do it without Reid/et al.
    Or Gibbs couldn't do it without his group of assistants
    Or Walsh couldn't do it without HIS groups of assistants

    You really want to claim that?

    It's an idiotic argument.
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    Just be-quiet now
  4. dmq

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    ummm, last I knew, defense isn't the problem.
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    Problem with Larry Brown is that he seems to burn every bridge he crosses.
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