Parcells Timeline/Comparison article?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Maikeru-sama, Jan 3, 2006.

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    Hey, somebody posted an article on here recently where it brokedown where Parcells was with the Cowboys in comparison to where he was with the Jets, Patriots and Giants.

    Anyone know who wrote that article so I can google it or anybody remember the article and have a link?

    I just want to re-read it again but I cannot remember if it was a article and I cant find it on their site anyway.

    - Mike G.
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    I posted the information within the last week. Took it off another Cowboys board (can't recall which one but it wasn't Cowboyplus) but that poster didn't identify where the original information came from. I was struck by the remarkable similarity between Parcells performance with his first 3 teams (Giants, Pats & Jets) and the Cowboys. With the Giants he took them to the SB in his 4th season; they won of course. He took Pats to SB in 4th season, but lost. Only coached with Jets for 3 years. Now he's been with the Cowboys only 3 years; he does seem very disappointed with the Cowboys 9-7 performance.

    Can't help thinking how much his brother's death affected him & his coaching performance. Parcell's brother was buried the same day we played the Giants; we were 7-4 (coming off loss to Broncos). Went on to lose to Giants, beat KC, lost to Skins, beat Carolina, lost to Rams. We went 2-3 starting with Giants game. In hindsight maybe Parcells should have taken a few days off to spend time grieving with family members; maybe he needs/taking that time now.
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    Same here. I did not see the same fire on the side lines during and anytime after that game.

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