Parcells' warped mind, do you have one?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by SteveOS, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. SteveOS

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    Everyone knows Parcells wore his rain jacket the entire game, because he felt it was lucky, in his warped mind.

    Does everyone else have this warped mindset?

    I know when I'm watching a game and the Boys are screwing up, I might change my jersey or take it off completely until something good happens. When it does, I keep my position, no matter how dumb I look, LMAO. I've had a few times where my daughter just looks at me and asks "What are you doing daddy?"...All I can do is laugh.

    Got any warped mindset stories or things you do?
  2. roughneck266

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    Yeah if they are winning when I am wearing Fishnet stockings I don't take them off for a week.
  3. Chief

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    I don't have any superstitions, but I am warped.

    No question about that.
  4. kingwhicker

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    Tons of them, way too many to even type. I could identify with BP on the jacket thing.
  5. Bull Frog

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    HA HA! I took my jersey off after Julius' fumble and draped it over a chair. I may not wear it again this season, but it will start each game draped across the same chair. I've also stood in the same spot for an entire game. My wife thinks I'm crazy. I'm sure you get the ole "you know, no matter what you do it won't help the players on the field". She just doesn't understand.
  6. lspain1

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  7. AsthmaField

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    I have plenty of superstitions. I dip Copenhagen and if I have a dip when we start doing good, then I have to keep a dip in the whole rest of the game. If I don't have a dip in and they do good, then I don't dip the rest of the game.

    There are plenty of things like that. If I'm drinking Mt. Dew and they score, then I have to drink Mt. Dew and nothing else until they don't do good or the game ends. If they start doing bad, then I have to switch to Coke or water or whatever.

    I'm not compulsive about it, but I try to follow those simple rules.

    My wife thinks I'm stupid. :laugh2:
  8. Hoov

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    sometimes when someone is telling me about an unfortunate event that was kind of happened by accident to them i start to think like if i listen really intently that it could happen to me, like thay could pass on that karma or experience to me, so i might change the subject kind of fast, or i start thinking of something else immediately when they are done talking about it, i wont let my mind dwell on it.

    But the funny thing is things like that do happen. Like if you see someone pulled over by a cop and then you laugh about it and look at them in your mirror as you drive by, the next day you get pulled over. stuff like that happens frequently, which begs the question, did i draw that experience to myself by sending out some type of karmic energy into the universe ?

    I know that wearing a black tshirt has a different affect (or is that effect - ive already forgotten yestardays grammer lesson) on my aura and psyche then when i wear a white tshirt.

    I dont like to wear white at nightime, white might be good for a sunny day or for a meditative walk in the park, or sometimes if i need an uplift in my spirits because of something that happened the day or night before, especially if im feeling a little bad about a decision i made or regretting that i indulged in something that i should not have. It has a cleansing effect.

    I wear black out a lot at night, it makes me feeel like i have more focus, maybe its a confidence booster, makes me feel stronger. I'll probably wear a black color shirt on a date or if im meeting someone new to make a strong first impression.

    Red is a good power color. and so many things that we think about, do end up having a strong affect over us.
  9. jazzcat22

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    I have 2 coffee mugs (actually have about 20), but these 2 I use on game days only. 1 for away, 1 for home games. Did this for years, even in the SB years. After the loss at Jax this year, last Sunday I switched and use an old SB XVII mug....will use it until they lose.
  10. WV Cowboy

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    You took my post Chief.
  11. EGG

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    I was happy when they started making official jerseys in "big boy" sizes, but if Dallas had tanked against Washington I was going to retire my Roy Williams jersey on gameday forever,,,, :cool:
  12. 5Stars

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    I never sit down during a game, win or lose. For some reason, I have been doing this for years and years! When the game is on, up I stand, and don't sit down not even for one minute, until the game is over...

    My wife and son will wander into the TV room and tell me, "Still standing dad"? Then look at me like I'm some sort of nut job (which may be true)...

    But, standing up for 3 or so hours is fun, because while I'm standing, I'm also stretching at the same time and releasing all the energy it takes to watch the Boyz play...

    Stand up, drink a beer, drink a glass of water, stand up, drink a beer, drink a glass of water, stand up, repeat and rinse...been doing that for years...and of course, have some type of Cowboy official tee-shirt on....
  13. WV Cowboy

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    :muttley: I love it.

    But that doesn't sound like superstition, just a nervous fanatic.
  14. stag hunter

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    There was a study done that found that teams with red uniforms have a slight advantage over their opponents.
  15. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

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    To bad that RED don't work for the REDStinks....!
  16. Sam I Am

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    I stand all the time too. It's not superstitions either. I just get so wired I can't sit down.
  17. 1fisher

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    I go back and forth from the garage to the tv room.... and I NEVER wear cowboy gear at home during the games..... they have NEVER won when I do!:banghead:
  18. Sam I Am

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    I'm afraid to ask what exactly is in the garage.... :eek:
  19. Champsheart

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    Pretty funny because I am a big mixture of a lot of what has been posted.

    First I will definetly change clothes during a game if needed. If we start losing I change what I wear.

    I never sit down either. I am way to pumped to do so. The only exception is if we are blowing a team out. If so I will sit down and chill. We have to be up by about 21 points in the 4th qtr.

    I also wonder between the garage and Family room. My big TV is in the family room, but I dont smoke in the house. So when a need a cigarette I go to the garage, where I do also have a TV with the game on. If it is a nerve racking game sometimes I just stay in there and chain smoke.

    I also hold a nerf Cowboy football the whole game, just in case I need to throw something it will be soft. I learned this a hard way.
  20. SteveOS

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    I knew there were more people like us :) I bet there are more, they are just to embarrassed to admit what they do.

    In my younger days, I used to fire myself up by pointing and actually YELLING at my Cowboys posters (Aikman, Emmitt, Irvin), thinking that it would give the "player" a better game. I could swear it worked too, since it was the dominating years we had for a while there, LOL. I would actually, NO JOKE, high five my posters! LMAO! Wow, I am strange.

    Nowadays, I just HAVE to find the right spot on the sofa, if it just isn't going right, I'll go to another TV, then another, until I see some positive things going on. My favorite thing to do is biting my nails, ugh...It's such a nasty habit. I also position myself in 80 billion different positions until something happens, sometimes I'll be sweating, haha! And I will NOT move from that position, no matter how uncomfortable it might be.

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