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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by JIMMYBUFFETT, Apr 2, 2007.


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    I was going to wait until closer to the draft to throw mine in , but it hasn't changed in a month , so I figured what the................

    1st) WR-Ted Ginn Jr./Ohio State

    2nd) CB-Eric Wright/U.N.L.V.

    3rd) QB-Trent Edwards/Stanford

    4th) DT-Paul Soliai/Utah

    5th) OLB-Antwan Barnes/Florida International

    6th) C-Dustin Fry/Clemson

    6th) FB-Nate Ilaoa/Hawaii

    7th) TE-Johnny Harline/B.Y.U.

    7th) OT-Andrew Carnahan/Arizon State

    7th) MLB-Dedrick Harrington/Missouri

    Rookie free-agent) SS-Kyle Killingsworth/Humboldt State
    Rookie free-agent) RB-Alonzo Coleman/Hampton
    Rookie free-agent) K-Nick Folk/Arizona

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    Not a freaking word ?????? Somebody at least tell me I suck !
  3. CowboyFan74

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    I'm down with # 4 but I'm thinking he goes in the 3rd round..
  4. Bob Sacamano

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    Trent Edwards will go 2nd round IMO he's this year's Kellen Clemons

    might be a bit low for Barnes and a bit high for Ilaoa
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    I would, but you're a parrothead, and that excuses you... :D

    Fins up, wild man... pour me something tall and strong, make it a Hurricane, before I go insane... of course, if we weren't all crazy, we would go insane...

    So if the phone don't ring, it's me...
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    Mr. Buffett.....please stay away from is drowning your brain.........:lmao2:

    just messin with ya.

    BTW other than Soliai and Ilaoa, I dont like your mock.....but heck, a lot of peeps dont like mine either...especially when I put Aaron Ross as our first round pick.
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    First of all, great title to the thread Mr. Buffet.

    I'm not big on Ginn, but the entire rest of the Draft I really like. I like Beck from BYU a little more than Edwards, but there's no doubt Edwards has tremendous upside. I really like your 4th round pick and your 2nd pick in the 6th round. Two guys that I think have great chances to be steals.

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