party pass? got 2 for opener ne1 go to titans game?

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by erindalton69, Sep 3, 2009.

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    Hey I am a long time Cowboys fan from Pensacola, FL and me and my wife are riding to Texas for the game and we got two party pass tickets. Did anybody go to the Titans game and have a party pass or see the party pass area? Just tryin to get a heads up of what is coming. I am looking forward big time and plan on showing up extremely early so we can try to get by the rail!
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    I haven't been to any of the preseason games in Cowboys Stadium but I wanted to reply that I hope you come back after the game and give us your impression of the Party Pass area.

    btw, that's a long drive from Pensacola. I used to live in Mobile and made the drive to Texas to my parents house with 3 kids in the car. So, I know how long that drive can be, lol. You're a good fan ;)

    Have fun at the game!
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    First off, have fun at the game.
    Good view, especially at the end zone areas.
    But standing for 4 hours will be rough.
    The new stadium is amazing!
    I'll get some pics from the mac.
    Just give me a bit.
  5. Texan_Eph89

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    Here ya go, these pics were taken from the party pass areas before I went to our seats.
    That screen is way bigger than you'll think it is, believe me....
    Enjoy the game!
    Make lots of noise, that place is quiet....

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