Pass Interference? You make the call..

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Juke99, Apr 21, 2005.

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    I may be missing something, but I don't see pass interference from neither parties. Plus it's hard to make a call on a still shot. They are often misleading.
  3. Juke99

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    I just put this up because I've been convinced for a LONG time that this was a PI on Sanders....huge play in the game...which was compounded by Switzer picking up a penalty...

    I just came across the pic today...and noticed how Sanders has Irvin's arm locked...
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    I have that game on tape and that play( Or shall I say the Non-pass interference call on the play) altered the outcome of the game. It would have set us up at about the 23-28 yd line with a first down to go At worst we would have gotten a field goal out of the deal and it would have added to our scoring run. All the commentators spoke about how it was a horribly blown non call. Good looking out. PT#21 :iggles: :skins:
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    Ironic that the guy who stopped our SB run helped us start it again a year later... :D
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    I've seen Deion and Irvin argue about that later on in life in their broadcasting careers. Deion was insisting he didn't do anything and Irvin was shouting at Deion: "You're a Christian now, don't lie on TV, don't lie on TV!"
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    Funny stuff...

    I've got the game on a question, PI...

    I don't think it would have made a difference though...

    Switzer got away by having superior talent vs other teams...but when it came to the 49ers, the talent levels were about equal....Jimmy always made a difference vs the did Barry, in the reverse.
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    It never ceases to amaze me how that PI was not called and Benny Barnes in Super Bowl XIII was...

    It just holds to the old addage of;
    'when I get old and cannot see, I want to be a referee'
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    I can't stand that game. I've watched it once and refuse to watch it again. In fact, I can tell if any newspaper photo, video clip or poster photo comes from that game; I immediately destroy it and when the police arrive, I run.

    I honestly can't tell you if it was PI or not. I've erased any possibility of flashbacks of that game. It cost me $7,500 and a small portion of my brain, but I can tell you a self-written letter to myself before the lobotomy, I'm a much happier man now.
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    But other than that, you're ok with this game? :D
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    Yes it was PI but we can't get too upset because Mike got away with a "few" push offs in his day :D
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    Irvin had him beat - I still remember that game - it was PI and we should have won that game...Thanks Deion!

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