Patrick Peterson: Sherman not a shutdown corner

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by joseephuss, May 22, 2014.

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    You would rather AP say playing in the NFL is modern day slavery rather than him say he's the best?
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    Very very interesting.......:cool:
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    He doesn’t switch sides of the field, true, but I don’t think that’s really a knock on his game considering he played the other side of the field extensively when Browner was out in ’12 without any drop off in play.

    When he’s in man against the best receivers, he plays well. The amount of zone he plays is helpful, but he's still a better man corner than anyone not named Revis... and really, maybe even better than Revis now. I'm giving #24 a grace period from that injury and misuse in Tampa.

    Obviously his numbers are going to look better because of it, but if you watch the film, Sherman is phenomenal.

    The only thing that gives him fits really are quick footed receivers. He’s a very cerebral player and is usually able to read players very, very well, negating the need for tremendous athleticism. So guys like Stevie Johnson (good pick up, San Fran… I see what you did there) are able to gain a step because of how their quick feet make them deceptive, unpredictable players.

    That said, he’s still a pretty good athlete. Not Patrick Peterson, freak athlete good, but I remember watching the all-22 tape from week 2 ’12 and how he did against Bryant. He closes down space as well as anyone in this league if he’s beaten a bit. Bryant had about 3-4 yards on him that were closed down easily in about a second. And with his size and length, the pass window is never as wide as you think it is… It’s why he’s got 16 interceptions over the last 2 years.

    He’s also a very underrated tackler. The guy can close down the edge.

    He’s everything Antonio Cromartie should’ve been.
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    Yeah. Plus he's not an Eagle.
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    Sherman is the best in the NFL. Hayden is the second best. Peterson is a great athlete but I don't consider him to be on the level of those 2 guys.
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    You watch all those teams play on tha reg?
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    man you guys make it easy, listen, sherman is a great corner, he is what everybody wanted asante samuel to be. A corner that can make you pay for throwing to his zone AND won't get burned and deflect a few passes. Peterson is a lock down corner in the mold of deion, he shadows, he plays man, he plays zone, and he is lethal with the ball in his hand. I actually am in the camp that sherman could do it all and be successful but isn't asked to and is the best at what he does, but as a do it all guy give me peterson but I'd take all 4 in question(peterson, sherman, haden, revis).
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    Haden, alllllllllllllllll day. Must suck to be the Tony Romo of CB's due to being in Cleveland...... I watch all games. Not just boys. Haden, Peterson, "Mouth". I'll take "Mouth" when I "see" him do 1 and 2's job. I don't deal in maybe's. If I did, I'd believe the Cowboys just had the best draft EVER. :rolleyes:
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    He's right.

    In Nolan Nawrocki's draft book this year there's a scouting comment in there about how Seattle's front seven makes their overrated defensive backs look good. I couldn't agree more.

    But,'re not a shutdown corner either.
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    the only real shutdown corner I have seen play was Deion at his peak.
  12. Proximo

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    Not sure if Sherman should be considered a "shut down" corner or not, but Seattle certainly has a shut down defense. Anytime a unit plays that well cohesively it's more than likely going to make the individuals seem better than they would be if they were on their own or part of a different system/team. And that's not a knock on the Seattle players.

    I'd much rather have a defense that's built around a lot of very very good players instead of one built around a couple of superstars.
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    That is similar to Larry Brown being somewhat successful with the Cowboys system in the early 90s. Sherman is much better than Brown and he also plays in a system that fits him well.
  14. Ntegrase96

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    Does Nawrocki mention anything about he SEA secondary jumping from 27th into the top 5 in def passer rating from 2010 to 2011?

    The SEA secondary was very good before that vaunted pass rush showed up.

    The pass rush just put them over the top.
  15. Ntegrase96

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    Haden has a lot of "wow" factor because he is very aggressive once the ball is thrown. But he is nowhere close to the level of Sherman. He just cannot hang as well in man, and he is overwhelmed against top WRs not named AJ Green.

    Peterson is also a better corner than Haden.

    And overall he's not playing a Revis role either. He gets help often. He was doing really well this year in the beginning but his refusal to improve his footwork has kept him in neutral. He's still young though, so he can probably hone that, but the guy is inconsistent.
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    Sherman is excellent at performing within Seattle's defensive scheme. However, when i think of shutdown corner i think of CB who actually follows the opposition's main threat all over the field. Not playing in Cover 3 all game with the best S tandem in the NFL. Again, Sherman does his job and does it extremely well. Nobody can take that away from him. As someone above mentioned, Seattle has a shutdown defense overall.

    The last CB who i can remember performing as a true shutdown guy was Revis pre-injury a few years ago.
  17. Ntegrase96

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    Revis may still be able to be that guy.

    Injury wasn’t his biggest issue last year, it was how TB was using him. They didn’t have him in man coverage much, and they did not put him on an island much either.

    So, what exactly was the point of having him, right?
  18. BraveHeartFan

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    I don't care who you put #1 or 2 or 3. I'd take Sherman, Peterson, or Hayden and be damned happy with any of them.
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    seattle yeah, I follow the hawks pretty closely , im a diehard Russell Wilson fan. People hold Sherman's loud mouth against him but there is no denying that the defense plays with attitude. He has made memorable plays the last 2 years in the playoffs (the roddy white pass defense and more recently the tipped pass to clinch the game). Its fun watching those guys fly to the ball and destroy people.

    cleveland not as much, though I usually watch cleveland games when they are available. Definitely watch them more than I watch any other basement dweller except maybe the lions (i almost never watch jags, bucs, or raiders). I have a good friend who is a huge browns fan. All of that contributes to my high opinion of Hayden. Just an opinion.
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    Kevin Smith, the guy who made the greatest WR in the game, Jerry Rice, frustrated. Too bad for his achilles. If he was healthy when they signed Deion, game over. He was actually targeted after the achilles for a lot of BS calls.

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