Patriots Sign Tim Tebow

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by IAmLegend, Jun 10, 2013.

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    We'll see what happens. We'll see if Bellicheck has done something brilliant and can play to Tebow's strengths or if he's done a boneheaded move. Remember, he is the man who cut Bernie Kosar, which resulted in our having a superb-quality backup QB to get us to the Super Bowl when Aikman was out. (Thank you, Bellicheck.)

    Btw, I'm clicking on the French flag as my icon only because I've always wondered why this site has a French flag available, but no American flag and no Texas flag. Nothing against the French. Just curious.
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    Tebow...religion....Patriot..........Jay Leno says he better get ready for a IRS audit
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    :lmao2: :lmao:

    Trigger words!
    That's good
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    Smart Football has a nice little article on Tebow, and as Chris Brown played QB at one time in his life, coached, and all that, and further, back in 2005, actually scouted Tebow.. he had some interesting things to add. This is Tebow's scouting report from high school..

    Chris then notes that it's scary that everything he noted in high school is still in play. It's not his arm, it's how he reads (or doesn't read) defenses.

    So, as a tight end/H back/spinning fullback in the single wing/any position that gives him a dual threat and a single read, he's immediately dangerous.

    If "hoodie" can teach him to read defenses even to an average NFL level, then they have a QB steal.

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    There was a better one for Sanchez and Tebow with the Dumb & Dumber cover, but I can't post it due to language. It went something like "Poop & Poopier".
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    I've always said if Tebow is going to be a better quarterback - which he honestly believes he is - he needs to go to a team with a great quarterback, let him sit and learn.

    Tebow has never had that and Urban Meyers ruined him by not investing in Tebow as a passer.

    I hope Belichick just lets him sit and learn from Brady for the next two years. He doesn't need to play right now. Don't even play him this year. Just let Tebowmania die for now.

    That may be best for Tebow's career.
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    I doubt Tebow makes the 53-man roster.

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