Payton needs to get Julius working out of the backfield

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by parchy, Dec 9, 2005.

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    After watching the ageless Brad Johnson play last Sunday with his terrible pass protection (technically worse than ours), I saw something that the Vikings do that the Cowboys don't. Johnson is just as immobile as Drew and he has a worse arm. To combat this, the Vikings have Michael Bennett/Mewelde Moore come out of the backfield but instead of just running a route that takes them 4-5 yards off the LOS and sitting down in the middle of the field, they're actually moving around, creating plays in space, allowing Johnson to feed them the ball while they're already moving. Seeing Bennett score a TD on a play like this got me thinking about it.

    How many times have we seen JJ run these routes that force him to turn around after making the catch and he barely goes anywhere? I have watched every single second of Cowboys football since preseason started and not once do I remember seeing JJ (or anybody) come on a quick little 5-yard slant that could easily net big yards. I would think that would be a better bail-out option than would what they currently employ, don't you?

    I realize Julius doesn't have the best hands/isn't the best receiver out of the backfield, but with how often the o-line is breached and with how slow Bledsoe can be to react, I think Payton needs to scheme these in more. Maybe even line up Campbell or Witten in the backfield and do the same thing. The possibilities are endless.
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    I mentioned the same thing last week in a thread about plays you didn't want to see called. I mentioned I hate seeing the backs always catching the ball stopped and facing the wrong way. They never have plays where the back can catch the ball while he has some forward momentum and is heading down the field. Very rarely are they more than 2 yards beyond the line of scrimmage as well. They are completely useless routes.

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