Payton was our only hope

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by birdwells1, Nov 12, 2013.

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    Remember this is just my opinion:

    Last season gave us a rarity in the NFL, with bounty gate and the voiding of Sean Payton's contract, a young, super bowl winning coach in his prime was available on the open market. That just doesn't happen too often, you've had the Parcells, Gibbs, and Vermeils but all those guys were past their primes. Not only was he available but he has ties to the Dallas area via his kids living in the area due to his divorce.

    I brought this up last year and most poo poo'd the idea, saying that he wouldn't leave New Orleans but think about this, if you were Payton wouldn't you first want to be in the same city that your children live in and secondly it's America's Team.

    If Payton never wanted to leave NO his agent wouldn't have put out the fact that his contract had language in it that tied him to the GM so the contract was voided. Why did it take him so long to sign the new contract after it was ready? I also have a theory on that too. He wanted the Dallas job and waited to see how the season played out but when JG and the Cowboys won 3 in a row in December I think that Jerry decided to stick with Garrett thus leaving Payton to resign with the Saints.

    When I say Payton was our only hope I mean he fits the criteria of the kind of coach that it takes to be successful in Dallas with the kind of management structure that's in place. The Dallas coach is going to have to have skins on the wall, i.e. super bowl success or going deep in the playoffs. He'll need that to stand on that when he and Jerry have differing opinions whether on players, strategies, or play calling. Jason Garrett just doesn't have that so when he was stripped of his play calling duties it wasn't much he could do. Could you even imagine that happening to Payton?

    The Dallas coach need to be charismatic and a dynamic coach who exudes enthusiam. Why? Because he needs to be the face of this organization. As long as Jerry's the face of this organization this team is going no where. Do you ever notice that JJ has more commercials than any of our players and coaches. The last time that JJ wasn't the face was when Parcells took over and that's when the culture started changing, although he didn't like it it was for the better.

    The Dallas coach needs to be offensive minded (like Payton) because that's what JJ sells to the public. Garrett"s first year as oc seemed like he was this offensive genius but since then I think that the league has caught up to what he's was doing.

    The Dallas players need to know that the buck stops with the HC not JJ and for that to happen this coach need to come in with a reputation that preceeds him.

    When JJ hired Garrett he was thought he was hiring the next Sean Payton but it hasn't quite turned out that way. Last season he had the opportunity to hire the actual Sean Payton and decided to stick with Garrett and I think that decision will haunt him for some time now.

    I posted this stat line a couple of weeks ago:

    Sean Payton age 49, 18 years of coaching in 9 different positions before 1st head coaching job.

    Jason Garrett age 47, 4 years of coaching in 2 different positions before 1st head coaching job.

    He didnt earn the job, he's under qualified.
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    " is another...." a la Yoda in Empire Strikes Back.
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    Can we fire up the tardis and go back in time to changed it now?


    Oh well I guess it does not matter then.
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    Jason Garrett has never looked like an offensive genius.

    As far as Sean Payton goes...well...not a lot of people were sad to see him leave when he did. It's easy to kick ourselves after the fact but no one thought he'd turn into one of the best coaches in football at the time.
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    Yup, bad timing for the franchise on Paytons development. My biggest problem is that Garrett wont "borrow" ideas from a Payton, from a Megatrons use, from what Denver did...........incorporate them in, adapt them and help his scheme out, help Dez out, romo out, our OLIne out..................he seems h$ll bent on forcing his round pegs into square holes no matter the end results game after game.
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    Yes he was.
  7. birdwells1

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    Yeah after he left it showed that Parcells was holding back the offense while Payton was the OC. Parcells did a good job in changing the culture but was a dinosaur in how he managed the game. He wanted all games to come down to the last 2 minutes, that works well when you have a subpar team but when you have the team he had in 2006 he should have gave the offense to Payton and let him do his thing.
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    I agree, I don't know how much this offense has evolved since 2007 but it doesn't seem like much from the outside looking in.
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    Actually nothing in the past matters right? The Saints game doesn't matter since it's over, matter of fact there's really no need to have a post game thread since the game is in the past by then.

    If JJ had the chance to get Payton and didn't (Galloway had insiders that said that Payton wanted the job) that would be the worst decision he's made since buying the team.
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    He did not hire him. So it does not matter. It is yet one in a hundred of bad decisions Jerry has made over the years. Can't change that. So not going to get worked up about it.
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    I agree with you regarding how good a fit Payton would be, but he too experienced the embarrassment of having his play calling duties stripped under Fassel in New York.
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    Sean Payton? Mother Theresa couldn't save this offense.
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    JJ being the face of the franchise is something that I've brought up before. What other owner can you say that about to the extent that JJ is? I think Kraft gets good face time but at the end of the day its still Brady/Belichick as the face of the franchise. JJ with a weekly postgame interview. JJ = Master Marketer.

    It's a shame we couldn't get someone like Payton, it would have been pretty interesting and probably the first guy since Bill that would have had the drive to win that could have trumped some of the antics JJ pulls. However, Payton probably would have gotten tired of the antics after 3 or 4 years and leave like Jimmy. I guess if he pulled off a super bowl win in that time frame most of us would take it.

    Well, fun to think about...also disheartening.
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    Then why click the thread and post at all? Payton is a guy in the Parcells mold that could have tamed Jerry into taking a back seat. The current and last guy are Kermit to Jerral Wayne's Jim Henson.

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    Sean lives right near Jerry's backyard. I would have fired Opie at the end of last season. I would have backed in a Brink's Truck to Sean's house and unloaded as much money as possible until he finally agreed to be HC. Plain & Simple. Money Talks and Jerry was not speaking correctly to Sean.
  16. 03EBZ06

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    I don't think S. Payton was in open market, he was going to be Saints coach, no matter what JJ said or did, so this consternation is a waste of time and a moot point.
  17. Chocolate Lab

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    That's the difference right there. Payton could have been available and there are some reports Jerry got in contact with him. When Sean said the Saints would pay him about 7.5-8 million, Jerry said you better stay there and get you some of that. Jerry doesn't believe in paying head coaches that much.
  18. WestCoastQB

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    Maybe the issue is not enough people get worked up over the bad decisions...It is just sort of "allowed" because it's Jerruh
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    In the salary cap era the gm and coach has become all the more valuable, in the 90s JJ could just throw money at a problem and fix it now the smarter more savvy franchises are the ones who will prevail. I would have backed up the Brinks truck to hire Payton.
  20. Chocolate Lab

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    Same here. The kicker is that for the cash flow machine Jerry has, 8 mil is nothing.

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