People are clueless when it comes to Witten

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by revospeed, Dec 1, 2016.

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    So today I randomly googled "best tight ends of all time" and I found three of the worst rankings of TEs ever. Any list that does not have Jason Witten at 1,2 or maybe with a good argument, 3, is complete bunk.

    Here are the three lists ranking the best tight ends of all time that I found.

    In this list, Witten is ranked 8th.

    On this list of 25, Witten is ranked 9th.Ā­-time.html/?a=viewall

    And on the worst list of greatest TEs of all time, Witten is not ranked in the top 10.

    What makes matters even worse are the people that are ranked above Witten. You have names like Ben Coates, Antonio Gates, Kellen Winslow, Shannon Sharpe, Gronkowski, and Mike Ditka ahead of him consistently. The only players that you could make a reasonable argument are better than Witten are John Mackey and Tony Gonzalez (if you consider him a TE)

    But Ben Coates? I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.

    Antonio Gates? This one really gets me. You mean the guy that can't block, has been busted for steroids and still has inferior stats than Witten? He's been the #1 receiver in San Diego for a decade and still doesn't match up with Witten.

    Kellen Winslow? One game doesn't make you better than Witten. He had a great career, but he's no Witten.

    Shannon Sharpe? Inferior numbers, a mouth that won't quit and an aversion to blocking?

    Gronkowski? He's great. No doubt. But not yet and not if he can't stay healthy. Gimme Witten.

    Dave Casper? Todd Christensen? See Ben Coates.

    Jason Witten ranks first all time in receptions and yards for a TE and third in receiving TDs for a TE. His blocking is great. He's not going to drive anyone off the line, but he's always in great position. He's been an absolute iron man and the consummate teammate.

    I would by a hypocrite if I bashed other people's list without giving my own, so here's my list of best TEs of all time.

    1. Jason Witten
    2. John Mackey
    3. Rob Gronkowski- The only thing that can stop him from surpassing Witten is injury
    4. Ozzie Newsome
    5. Mike Ditka
    6. Kellen Winslow
    7. Shannon Sharpe
    8. Antonio Gates- Gets dinged for testing positive for steroids.
    9. Dave Casper
    10. Jay Novacek

    *Despite having a TE next to his name on the roster, Tony Gonzalez is not a tight end. If you spent 90% of your career split out, without your hand in the dirt, you're a wide receiver, not a tight end. He's a great receiver though.
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    I think casual fans don't give Witten the credit he deserves because he's simply not "spectacular".

    He does just about everything a team could ask a TE to do.

    I half jokingly said to my wife during one of our recent games- "Jason Witten is the greatest football player ever created. He came from outer space". :D
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    You left off Jackie Smith.

    Novacek was a good piece of the 90s Cowboys success, but he is not one of the 10 best tight ends of all time.
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    Tony Gonzalez is the GOAT...he revolutionized the position. Just because it's not your "traditional" TE doesn't mean he should be only considered as a receiver. I think even Witten will tell you that Gonzalez was the best.
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    It's an impossible comparison. It's really two different positions. I've heard heard it referred to as Y-inline and Y-split with Witten being inline and Gonzalez being split. Some have called the Gonzalez position Y-ISO but that was really intended to just identify when the TE was the only receiver on that side of the formation and could be inline or split.

    If they asked Gonzalez to block like Witten it would be a fail.

    Of TEs that were legit blockers, Witten is the best receiver in that group by a big margin.
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    Gronk says hi
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    And on top of that, when ever you talk about different eras, there's just a ton of subjectivity that goes into Rankings, just because his numbers are better, doesn't mean his impact on the game is greater than some of these old timers.
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    From his Doctor's office or sofa...
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    which has nothing to do with your claim that of the TEs that are legit blockers, Witten's the best WR by a large margin. Gronk being hurt right now, does not make that statement true.
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    This thread was about all time best. If you open the question to players that had the most physical talent or that had the best season, then a whole slew of players would likely enter the discussion.

    If you just want to go by pure physical talent, it does not get much better than MartyB. I have not watching him much in recent years, but I saw him in training camp with the Cowboys and his talent was amazing.He could probably have filled in at OT because he was that good of a blocker, yet he looked like a WR running around in receiving drills.

    Like Gronk, he's only had 1 season where he started all 16 games. He did have 90 catches one season, but that's the only season where a team just fed him the ball.
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    You really aren't making any sense. Gronk is not some guy who never reached his potential due to injury, he already has more career TDs than Witten. He's already been a first team All Pro 4 times, which is two more than Witten. He has 1 fewer 1000 yard season. Gronk belongs in any conversation of the best TEs ever, and to say that of all the legit blockers at TE Witten is the best receiver by a large margin is just incorrect, because Gronk is more than legit at blocking and great receiver. Witten may get the nod due to longevity, but there is no wide margin what so ever despite him being injured.
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    hardly...that system runs around throwing gronk the ball, he's their #1 WR...of course he's going to have better pass stats than someone playing with TO, Dez, etc. derp.
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    so does not Gronk not belong in a discussion of the all time great TEs or are you suggesting there is a wide margin in the receiving ability of Gronk and Witten, because those are the two statements I disagreed with.
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    I'm sorry but I simply will not take any list, from any person, about TE's even remotely serious if it leaves Witten off the top 10.
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    For many years, the passing game in Dallas ran through Witten.
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    I liken Witten as the Cal Ripken of football.

    He was unquestionably durable throughout his career and was very productive throughout his career. That said, I don't think many people would argue Cal Ripken as the greatest shortstop in MLB history and I wouldn't argue Witten as the GOAT in football history either, though he should definitely be Top 5-6 IMO.
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    In my opinion, Jason Witten is the best TE I've ever seen play. No other player had his ability to block as well as catch passes.

    Obviously, guys like Gonzalez, Gronk, Gates, Graham, etc. are all more dynamic playmakers...but none of them have the blocking ability of Witten.
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