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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Mar 15, 2014.

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    It's ridiculous to suggest you let a good QB go because you think your team is so bad that he will be too old when the rest of the team get's good even if you were right on your projection. The 1 million that Spencer MIGHT have been over paid was worth it to keep the D-line together and keep him from coming back to Dallas in a ginat or skin uniform. The fact that he got injured doesn't make it a bad 1 year deal.
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    Ah, okay. I totally misunderstood something, it seems. If that's the case then I agree he is almost certainly with us in 2015.
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    Most likely, you keep him through 2016. Even with his current contract, we have room on the cap to handle him without restructuring.

    I don't think cutting him in 2015 is a realistic option unless it's a medical issue or the team finishes with just a few wins. According to overthe cap, because he was on the roster after the third day of the 2014 new year, we are already guaranteeing him 7.5m of his 2015 salary. If he is on the roster past the third day of 2015, another 7.5m of his salary becomes guaranteed. We cant take a 30m hit and not have the player on the field. 20% dead money on one guy never is a good thing.

    So...we will face the same issue next year with Romo that we faced with Ware this year. The alternative is to go to him next year and offer a salary reduction as we asked Ware and Free to do. Offer him something reasonable for an older vet....reduce his cap number...say give him 8.5m instead of 17m, the same as his 2016 number. Guarantee the 2015 and 2016 salary if he has stayed healthy and performed. So you still keep him through 2016.
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    They sure have scooped up some nice players the last few years, DRC, Welker, Manning, Talib, TJ Ward, DWARE...while the Cowboys are struggling to merely find ways to get under the cap every year.......not sure what the difference is... but I don't think John Elway and the Broncos are struggling to find players...
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    One of your best posts, GB. Good work.
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    Good write up, GB. Much appreciated and Like'd.

    I am glad you now recognize that cutting D-Ware was indeed influenced by cap considerations:

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    IMO Denver attracting players has a lot more to do with their 13-3 record last year. They have been in the playoffs the last three years while Dallas has been 8-8 or worse in the same seasons. Not really arguing, but the difference in cap management is exactly what XWalker has posted many times, they are availing themselves of less cap space by paying large upfront salaries instead of large upfront signing bonuses. The player ends up with the same amount of money but the team has less available cap space. And even for Welker (I didn't check the others) they used upfront bonuses the same way Dallas does.

    The real difference is something everyone agrees on - drafting and developing talent better than the Cowboys have.
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    The answer to that is pretty simple...................ticket sales.

    Romo will put "butts in the stands", even if the overall team cut Romo and all you are left with is a 500 team full of scrubs.

    That is a hard sell to make to the fans, especially with Ware just walking out the door.
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    So, according to your plan, the only time we can get rid of Romo is 2018?
  10. Beast_from_East

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    Difference is we gained cap room by cutting Ware, so we had some leverage.

    If we go to Romo and want him to take a paycut and he laughs in our face, what are we going to do about it? Romo and his agent have all the leverage because we cannot cut Romo without a significant cap penalty.

    Keep in mind that Dez Bryant and Tyron Smith are both free agents after this season, so we cant afford to take any cap hits by doing something with Romo, he has all the leverage here.
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    There's that.

    The team exists to make money and Tony Romo playing quarterback definitely helps.

    I don't know why any fan wants to hasten Romo's departure.

    Searching for Troy Aikman's replacement wasn't easy, quick or enjoyable to watch.
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    Actually we can release Romo after the 2016 season without significant cap penalty if I am following along correctly.

    Spags basically said the same thing on Talking Cowboys a while back, that we are "married" to Romo for the next 3 seasons (2014, 2015, 2016) and then we can do what we want with him.
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    Yep, it is going to be some dark days when Romo hangs up the cleats.

    Everybody keep in mind that we had 17 different starting QBs between Aikman and Romo.................franchise QBs do not grow on trees and it takes a long time to find them. Teams like the Colts and Packers are the outliers, you don't just go from one franchise QB to another. The norm is teams like Buffalo, Cleveland, Tennessee, Oakland, ect......that have been searching for years to find a franchise QB.
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    I really wish teams couldn't restructure contracts
    How were ticket sales when Campo was coach and went 5-11 three years in a row? How about when Quincy Carter was QB?
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    I just have one thing to say.

    He is a very rich man.
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    Didn't have a 100,000 seat stadium to fill back then and Jerry wants his castle to be on primetime.

    Don't recall a lot of prime time games during the Quincy Carter/Dave Campo era. There were some, but not very many.
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    Is there 100,000 for each game now?
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    Drink much?
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    Very well put...
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    I'd disagree we have no leverage. He isn't getting 17m in salary from anyone else. So if he could make decent money and help the team get better, then it behooves him to work with us.

    If we made him a June 1st cut, it would save 9.5m against the 2015 cap. (27,773 cap hit - (7.5m guaranteed money + $10,773m )) and only increase 2016 cap hit by 1.5m where we tentatively have 69m in room. We only have 19 guys under contract in 2016 but even adding 32 base salaries we would still have about 53m in space tentatively. Of course there would be other moves, but it just gives you an idea.

    If we don't sign any other significant free agents this year....we are going to have plenty of room to resign Dez and Smith and let Romo go.

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