Per Jay Glazer - "Sean Payton Not Going To Limit His Options"

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by houstonwhodat, Dec 17, 2012.

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    With the upcoming game this weekend between the Saints/Cowboys, there will be a lot of speculation again about Sean Payton and whether or not he will be with the Saints.

    Jay Glazer on the Fox Pregame show on Sunday said that:

    "People thought this is between the Saints and Dallas. If this thing doesn't get done ... (Payton) is going to open it up everywhere. He's really not going to limit his options."

    The Saints have had a horrible year without Sean Payton.

    But yesterday you saw the Saints offense clicking the way it was designed to do.

    Sean Payton's offense plays aggressive, not conservative.

    Saints - 41
    Bucs - 0
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    he is going to milk Benson for every cent he can
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    Just like i would do. I would get as much as I could while i had the leverage to do so.
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    So would I. Got no problem with it at all

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