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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by WoodysGirl, May 26, 2006.

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    There has been some buzz lately about Ahmad Brooks, the former Virginia linebacker dismissed from the Cavaliers by coach Al Groh this spring, and perhaps the most notable candidate for the NFL's supplemental draft this summer. But teams interested in Brooks, based on his play early in his college career, might want to do a little more homework on him. It seems that Brooks, who has been working out in the Atlanta area, has ballooned up to 280-290 pounds, and has plenty of conditioning work to do before league scouts come calling. Or before teams start to consider him a defensive line candidate instead of a linebacker prospect. The good news, relatively speaking, is that Brooks is still clocking at under five seconds in the 40, and has retained much of his quickness.

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    That weight things puts up a big red flag for me. That's woefully heavy for a linebacker not named Levon Kirkland. Shows a real lack of discipline and conditioing and goes against what Parcells looks for in his players. Heck even his "fat guys" aren't that fat......
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    Yeah... if Bill thinks Skyler Green is fat, what the heck will the think about Brooks?
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    I believe he ballooned up after injury forced him out of conditioning work. That's not really a lack of dicipline in my mind. Other good work ethic guys put on weight after injury, but then took it right off when the time came.

    For anyone that has ever been in a situation where you are eating 5000+ calaries a day just to maintain size during training, it can be all but impossible to cut back down to 3000 calories while you are treating an injury. And if the injury is below the waist, which it is here, it's very difficult to find ways to burn the extra 2000 calories off without hampering your recovery.

    I think his bigger issues are his mental state. He made some big mistakes and is a huge risk at this point.
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    He's going to blow any chance he had at fulfilling his potential if he's not more focused.
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    I would like to see Cowboys with Ahmad Brooks...:starspin

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