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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Dallas, Nov 7, 2004.

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    It seems like much of the national media is out to bash OU for winning. We should expect such as no one likes a winner. When Stoops first came to OU we weren't expected to win, but when we did everyone jumped on the OU/Stoops bandwagon. Now after five years of just winning everyone seems to delight in an OU loss and they seem more than willing to try to put us down despite our winning.
    It is all about jealousy and the natural hate that goes to the dominant teams in about any sport.

    OU beats OSU in Stillwater and gets berated for a close game.

    OU beats A&M in College Station and gets berated for a close game.

    USC beats a not very good Oregon State team and gets praise.

    Cal beats a not very good Oregon team and gets praise.

    There is no logic in the above.

    What is never factored in is that OU gets every teams absolute best effort. OSU spends weeks preparing for OU. In the process they lost to A&M at home and almost lost to a poor Missouri team on the road. A&M spends three weeks working on OU and barely eeks out an overtime win over a very poor CU team at Kyle. Then A&M losses to Baylor in overtime.

    Both OSU and A&M payed dearly for their close, but losing efforts against OU.

    The truth is that everyone in this league guns for us as we are the best and we have that target on our backs. The road to the Big XII Championship runs thru Norman, Oklahoma and every team out there knows that to win the conference they first have to beat OU.

    When you have to put on your best game face week in and week out it is extremely hard. So, as OU fans we have to understand that we won't always get our just due from our opponents and from the press. All we can do is just win. To this point in the season that is exactly what we have done.

    My message is to just keep the criticism of OU in proper perspective and recognize your source.
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    Hey, there's no doubt in my mind that Oklahoma is one hell of a team (I've seen that first hand this year) but y'all better hope for Auburn or USC to lose somewhere down the line. If all three teams (OU, Auburn, and USC) win out, I think Oklahoma is the odd team out. Oklahoma could be undefeated and not even get a whiff of the National Championship. If I've said it once, I've said it 1000 times:

    **** the BCS!

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