Pete Prisco on Cowboys, Romo deal

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 29, 2013.

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    In the past decade the Patriots have had top 10 offenses every year. They have had top 10 defenses every year but two. Those two years went 15 and 17.

    The Packers have had mostly top 5 offenses since Rodgers took over. When they won the Super Bowl they had the number 2 defense.
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    There's some numbers missing. His cap figure for next year is like $21M and his cap number the year after is like $25M.

    Spotrac has them listed as MISC bonuses just as the first year $5.3M but I believe they are all just carry-overs from previous seasons. I didn't think they all were but it appears that way.
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    Maybe you better look at the numbers more closely before throwing out crap like that. And take into account defensive turnovers while you're at it.

    But even after that, if you expect Dallas' QB to be as good as Rodgers and Brady...well, join 29 other teams' fans.
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    isn't he getting paid like he's as good as rodgers and brady?

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