News: Pete Prisco on radio this morning

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Smith22, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. Smith22

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    He was on a local radio show this morning, had a few interesting comments:

    • Says the signing of Eddie George was all Jerry Jones and that it's the first little problem between him and Tuna (also said many in the organization didn't agree with bringing EG in).
    • He picks the Saints as his sleeper team, says they have a lot of talent along the OL and DL and should score a lot of points on offense
    • Blasts R. Williams pretty good. Says all of those people Williams smokes up with would change spots with him in a heartbeat. Said he thinks the Fins would be best off pursuing LaBrandon Toefield or Onterrio Smith.
    • Says Ernest Wilford has looked better for the Jags than Reggie Williams, but said Williams needs more time because of school and finishing late.
    • More on Eddie George, he said he wouldn't have made the move and thought Julius should get the bulk of the carries and that you can plug young guys in at RB and tell them to just run.
    That's about it I guess.
  2. Champsheart

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    Well old Petey boy here thinks there was a rift.
    I heard Chris Mortenson this weekend on ESPN Radio, and he was very infactic that JJ and BP were on the same page in regards to Eddie George. He had no doubts that Parcells was for this move.
    Judging their past together, I will take Mortenson's word.
  3. Doomsday101

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    I think there were many reporter when Parcells 1st joined the Cowboys who kept predicting that a rift between Jones and Parcells would take place. What I think we are seeing is reporters trying to make their predictions come true even if they have to make it up.
  4. Mike 1967

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    Parcells phoned EG twice before the visit.

    This would be strange behaviour for someone who is not interested.

    Also, George appears to me to be a very intelligent dude.

    You have to ask yourself the following question.

    Would an intelligent veteran really be interested in signing on with a Parcells coached team if Parcells did not want him on the team?

    Another question:

    If same veteran had vibes that Parcells did not want him...wouldn't he at least schedule other visits with the other interested teams ?

    Last question:

    If Parcells did not want a guy on the team....don't you think Parcells would be frank about it in the 1 on 1 interview ? Parcells does not sugar coat or ***** foot around....he comes right to the point. just does not add up.
  5. dbair1967

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    the media is just obsessed with creating a Jones/Parcells problem...its really getting old...other than a couple of media idiots claims, there is nothing to substanciate this at all...George himself said he had extensive discussions with Parcells and that Parcells made it clear HE wanted him here...

  6. speedkilz88

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    Prisco doesn't like picking up George so in his world it must be a Jerry decision.

    If it looks like a mistake its a Jerry decision, if it looks like a smart move its a Bill decision.
  7. Smith22

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    Good replies. I don't think he is right either, but he was rather emphatic about there being a rift because of this. Maybe he just has some bad sources or likes making waves. Who knows..........

    I liked the signing, it adds some needed depth at RB and adds a great locker room presence to the offense.
  8. Smith22

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    Oh, seeing the post about Taylor signing reminds me, he mentioned that Taylor was all but a done deal as well. Just slipped my mind.
  9. dbair1967

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    what sources would he have? BP keeps a gag on everything anyway..

    its Crisco doing what he does best, taking shots at the Cowboys and hoping to rekindle the "there's no way Jerry and BP can work together" flames that he started almost the second the rumors of BP wanting to coach the Cowboys became known


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