Peterson to start for OU Saturday!

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Danny White, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. lzppjb

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    It should read: The University of Texas' front office.

    tu (tee-hee) is for aggys. :rolleyes:
  2. k19

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    Mack can't get the job done against any top 10 ranked team. The streak will continue for yet another year


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  3. Danny White

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    I assume you're gonna be there?

    Where are you sitting?
  4. lzppjb

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    I'll be there. Section 121 Row 13. Should be fun. I can't wait for a Fletcher's corndog. :D
  5. Dallas

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    Nah. I wont be making it this year. Ive been a few times in the past. My cousin has season tickets to OU. Typically I fly into Tulsa and meet him and we hop a SW puddle jumper to Love Field.

    It wont be happening this year. He is coaching his sons football team in Tulsa that weekend. Im going to try and hit the Husker game in Norman on 11/13 w/ him instead. Sorta a make up game so to speak.

    So its round up the family and just tune in to the game here in Anchorage. I have it either on DTV or in most cases its shown locally. Its funny. In Alaska. You are either from Texas or you are from Oklahoma. There is no in between.

    Boomer !!
  6. TxStar61

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    So we all are going to be watching on Saturday , eh?
    Who has more $$ to spend toward coach choice , sports, & etc? Texas or OU? That might have something to do with it.

    :cool: :D
  7. Danny White

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    Oh man... those corndogs are amazing! Then wash it down with a funnel cake. :D

    Good luck buddy. Hope you have a good time BEFORE the game.
  8. joseephuss

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    If Adrian Peterson went to Texas, Mack Brown would not play him against Oklahoma. It is not because Benson is already a very good back. It is because Mack does not like to play freshman or young guys in important games.

    He did not play Benson against OU when he was a freshman.

    The trio of Roy Williams, BJ Johnson and Sloan Thomas saw limited action against OU when they were freshman and when they did play, were not a focal point of the offense.

    Vince Young did not play a single snap against Arkansas in 2003 and he could have been the difference in that game. He also did not start against OU last season and Texas got off to a slow start, then got steam rolled.

    Bob Stoops will take his chances with a young guy making a mistake because he wants his most talented guys on the field. Stoops plays to win. Mack Brown is a good coach, a great recruiter and by all accounts a great guy, but he plays not to lose. That will hurt teams when they are facing tough opponents.
  9. lzppjb

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    Haven't had the funnel cake. I want to make sure and try those fried cheese curds, and maybe a fried oreo or fried twinkie. It's an early game, so I'll have all night. :D
  10. DallasCowpoke111

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    Ever had a beignet, or a plain white sugar doughnut? 'Bout the same thing!
  11. lzppjb

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    No man....I've had A funnel cake before. Just never one from the Fair.

    And I've never heard of a beignet or whatever. The French suck. :p

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