Peyton Manning can't win the big game.

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Sarge, Jan 16, 2005.

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    His biggest mistake is getting owned by superior team in Pats and a far more dominant Conference. Colts are an NFC team he'd have some big wins on his mantle.

    Colts D has been very poor in his years there as well.
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    Manning is an incredible quarterback and a lot of his success comes from reading and outsmarting defences (the numerous audibles, etc.) However, the one guy he isn't going to outsmart is Bellichick (maybe Crennel should be mentioned as well.) That's why Bellichick is the greatest coach of the last decade- he's smarter than everyone else.
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    I will say that the colts are getting tagged as a team that cant play in bad weather.
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    I'd like to agree with you but they played an OT Sunday night game in Denver 2 or 3 years ago in a driving snowstorm and they won the game. I'd say this performance today was more about not taking advantage of the NE weakness in the secondary bad weather or not. I can't figure out why any team that faces NE doesn't throw at Troy Brown every play. He's a WR not a CB, eventually you will make some plays on him.
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    The last 2 years there hasn't been any.
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    They are so good at dropping LB's into coverage, then rushing them later.They moved safeties into corner coverage. Entire plan was to abuse Indy receivers "if" they caught the ball. It worked. In spots Pats were using 2 Dline fronts and a few No lineman looks.
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    He made several outstanding stops. They did get Stokely to beat him a few times, but it was under crossing patterns that made little to no yards. Brown is a very good cornerback - I've watched him all season. Indy should have vertically stretched field more.
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    Yep, you are right. Couldnt remember what the reason was to be honest with you, just knew there was a reason. ;)
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    That would be ideal now wouldnt it.... :D
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    It's also difficult to win when you keep running into the best team of the 00's in the Playoffs. :D Those 49ers and Packers teams in the early 90's were pretty darn good but the Cowboys were just better. :cool:

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