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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rkell87, Jul 19, 2013.

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    I can understand not putting Romo in the elite category, and Ware might be the only player we have who deserves that going into the season. (I think Romo, Lee, Carter and Bryant all could deserve it this season.) But not having Romo as a high-quality player is inexcusable.

    On second thought, our tight end deserves to be considered elite as well. (No. 1 in receptions and yards last year despite starting the season playing with a lacerated spleen.) He gets downgraded unfairly for his lack of speed and athletic ability (and touchdowns, which is the one decent argument), but his numbers don't lie.
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    It's surprising they say Jason Hatcher is high quality. Most people forget Hatcher is on this team. Overall, I think they're ratings are good.
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    Overall, these rankings aren't too bad. I agree with quite a few of them. However, I don't agree that Witten is only "high quality". Witten should be "elite". Also, as nice as it is to see Hatcher and Murray rated highly, there is no way they should be considered higher quality players than the 5th highest rated passer in NFL history. Romo is definitely "high quality". He's never had a season where he had a QB rating below 90. I'd flip Murray and Romo's ratings. I like Murray, and he may end up being a top back, but he has not shown enough to earn that rating. Hatcher does deserve a high rating IMO (my point was that he doesn't deserve a higher rating than Romo).

    I think our lineup compares favorably to most in the league.
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    Hatcher was unblockable twards the end of last yr. Guy was all over the backfield. I think alot of fans are sleeping on hatcher. He's going to suprise alot of people in this new defense. He's fast for a DL and has the size and power too. dont be suprised to see Hatcher in probowl talks this yr
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    First, I hope that is not our starting team team. second, nothing here to get excited about -- just somebody's attempt to gain readers and get a rise out of them
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    Right, according to some Top 100 players of 2013 list he was about #60. He's underrated.
  8. MichaelWinicki

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    This is based on last year's performance... Not on reputation... Not on previous seasons.

    Witten is downgraded (slightly) due to his blocking, which has tailed off and his number of penalties.

    Romo's lower grade is the result of the 22 turnovers.
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    What about Demarco then?

    He was listed as high quality with Dez and Witten. Also, if you watch Dez play, I have no idea how you can say he is not a blue chip player.
  10. MichaelWinicki

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    What I would suggest is go over to PFF and read the materials posted on how they do their rankings.
  11. Questfor6

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    Witten should be in the elite category, I'm sorry but a guy who's going to go down as one top 5 best TE's of all time is well above average.
  12. hornitosmonster

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    If it is based on last year why is Larry Fitzgerald elite? Look at his numbers and tell me it was soley based on that
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    ohhh pretty colors.. god those rankings are garbage
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    Like the display. I had a flashback to those amber colored heavy monitors.
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    I'm not interested in their rankings, but the concept of that graphic as a method to summarize the talent is terrific.
  16. Toruk_Makto

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    Romo and Dez should be one color up. Demarco should be one color down.
  17. MichaelWinicki

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    Neil Hornsby from PFF did these charts...

    And here's his explanation on how he came up with the grades:

    "A few words before I kick off on how these are constructed.
    The packages utilized for the starting units will be the most frequently used one from last year (unless I know this is unlikely to be the case in 2013), and I’ve graded only the probable starting group. The colours attributed to each player are not simply a straight take based on last year’s performance — I’ve extrapolated where I think it’s appropriate, or changed grades if I feel injury or lack of back-up drastically reduced them. For draftees, I’ve just used default grades based on where they were selected."
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