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    When a guy hits the open market in NFL free agency, he often heads to a new town. And the reason is fairly simple.

    The player typically has spent multiple years with his former team, and yet his former team never did much of anything to extend his contract before he secured the ability to entertain offers elsewhere.

    "Guys like to feel wanted," Texans guard Steve McKinney recently told us. "The last time most guys were recruited was eight years earlier when they were seniors in high school, so when they hit the market they're first looking for the most they can get, but they're also looking for someplace that really shows how much they want them. I think when your own team lets free agency set your value, it's too late most of the time. You're going to go to the first team that shows you love."

    New Vikings guard Steve Hutchinson echoed this basic theme in his first comments regarding the offer sheet that his old team, the Seahawks, likely would have matched but for a poison pill that would have made the entire amount of the contract guaranteed in Seattle.

    "The truth of the matter is that I wanted to have a contract extension done before last season, and certainly before the [transition] tag deadline," Hutchinson said Tuesday. "The Seahawks were either unwilling or unwanting to give me that contract, and Minnesota stepped up to the plate and offered it to me."

    Never mind that Seattle would have paid the same money but for the provision in the offer sheet intended to dissuade them from doing so. The 'Hawks had their chance to pay him long before he had a chance to look elsewhere, and they instead sat on their hands.

    "Last February, they said they wanted to do something right after the draft," Hutchinson said. "I said great. I wanted to get something done before the season started because I wanted to be able to concentrate on the season. And there wasn't any real communication or real negotiations that took place before the season started. So that was the end of that."

    Although Vinatieri has yet to comment on his move from the Pats to the Colts, he'll probably say something along those same lines. New England could have paid him, but chose not to. So in comes a new team with a lot of money in tow and a genuine interest in Vinatieri at a time when he might feel like his old team has taken him for granted and before you know it the guy is gone.

    And that's the risk, as we see it, in allowing another team to "set the market" for a free agent. It's a dynamic that's much more than just a number, since the player will become naturally inclined to join the team that made the offer than to stay with an organization that responds, if at all, with a proverbial gun to its head.

    Florio's stuff is entertaining unfortunately alot of times wrong, but I think he makes a great point here. You could carry this forward to Witten and Roy's contracts in the future and why it might behoove us to do something now.
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    Let's see how many td's Alex can get without one great lineman.
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    Alot of owners dont seem to understand that they are dealing with human beings not commodities. Yes its a business but good businessman should be able to react to the type of business they are in. How come situations like this always seem to happen to teams like Philly, Seattle and others that have never won a Super Bowl?
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    Agree and would be smart of us to get Witten, Williams, Newman & James (think these are the 4 players who become FAs end of year) this year. We almost $14M under the cap. Since I don't see us signing any FAs (except K) who cost much, believe JJones saving most of this money to sign as many of the above players as we can before TC starts rather then wait. Don't want them to feel unloved. By virtue of their position Witten & Newman get biggest contracts & certainly Roy will get his fair share; might wait on James a bit to see if he continues to improve this year over 05 performance.
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    It is stupid to not make the players you want to keep feel wanted and get their contracts done the year before. It would be a huge mistake not to get Roy, Newman and Witten's new contracts done now. I see absolutely no reason to even risk not having them locked up.

    These 3 will cost a load to keep if they ever hit the FA market and that would really get my ire up.
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    I think TNew and RoyW signed very long contracts (about 7 or so years) so it may still be awhile before they hit FA.

    I do think Witten and James will be UFAs next year so that should be the #1 priority. I wouldn't break the bank on James, though. He is basically a slightly above average player at this stage of his career so I don't think we should give him a $10M SB - a contract similar to Ayodele would be reasonable. I would wait until a few games into the season to make sure that his performance is similar to last year's before I make this deal.

    Witten will probably get Shockey/Gonzalez type money and would be a bargain at that because of all the extra money that came into the CBA - this should be the #1 priority right now, IMO. This issue should be settled before the season starts.
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    Just like my former employer. I'm a free agent now, too.
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    Don't worry, Witten and Roy will get locked up.
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    Exactly, I don't recall a single example of Jerry letting a player get to free agency who he wanted to retain. They will extend Roy, TNew and Witten (probably this year) to long term contracts. I wish Jerry had done it last season, when their market value would have been lower (before the new CBA).
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    Jerry has been on record as saying he wasnt gonna start persueing a new contract for Witten until the new CBA was done. Jerry will get it done.

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