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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Natedawg44, Mar 30, 2006.

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    You'd think that Vikings coach Brad Childress has better things to do. The draft is less than a month away. Minicamps are coming up. Potential free agents are still floating around.

    But yet Childress still has time to continue to pick at the scab on his butt otherwise known as Daunte Culpepper.

    Although Childress previously has vowed that he was done talking about Culpepper, the rookie head coach can't help himself, it seems. This time around, Childress is dissing Daunte's decision to rehab his shredded knee in a location that, in Brad's apparent view, isn't good enough for an NFL quarterback.

    "He's rehabbing in a HealthSouth place in Orlando. . . . I close my eyes. I'm seeing a Chinese restaurant, a HealthSouth place, a laundromat. Basically a strip mall that he's rehabbing himself at. And I'm thinking, what did they have in there? They had a StepMaster and some other things. In other words, all the modalities we have in our training room, all the different things [he didn't have]. . . . I just thought it would be better [to train in Minnesota]."

    Childress said that, when trainer Eric Sugarman went to Florida in February to check out Culpepper's progress, the quarterback agreed to attempt some basic movement drills. To do the drills, Culpepper led Sugarman out of the rehab facility -- and into the parking lot of a Wal-Mart.

    "So you can understand where I'm coming from," Childress said. "The Chinese restaurant, the laundromat, then he's in an alley, out the back door and into the Wal-Mart parking lot. I'm like, 'What's wrong with this picture?' . . . This is our franchise quarterback. . . . Is he better served here in the fieldhouse or in the Wal-Mart parking lot?"

    In our view, Childress is better served shutting his yap about Culpepper, and then sticking to his vow to do so.

    But, you see, the problem could be that the Triangle of Authority is feeling more than a little nervous about the possibility that Culpepper will make them look like a Circlejerk of Fools for trading him away for a second-round pick in the April draft, and so Childress naturally feels compelled to continue to explain in March, April, May, and June the basis for a decision that could end up coming off as a very bad one come September, October, November, December, January, and/or February.

    Really, do you think it's a coincidence that Childress broke his promise to not say anything more about Culpepper the day after the NFL announced that Culpepper's new team will be playing in the national spotlight on the two biggest Thursdays of the league year?

    We sure don't.

    And we also think there's a strong correlation between a man's ability to hold his tongue and his ability to lead others effectively.

    But what, you ask, should Childress have done differently? If, as it seems, Culpepper was making poor decisions about the process for rehabbing his surgically repaired knee, how should Childress have made it known?

    The answer is easy, friends. The coach, or others in the organization, should have leaked the information on an off-the-record basis to the media. That way, the story would have gotten out, without Childress having to say another public word about the situation.

    One last note on this. Moving forward, Childress needs to keep in mind that Culpepper is now the property of another team. Under league rules, Childress really shouldn't be saying anything at all about him. So maybe the league office will do us all a favor and remind Brad that the time has come to zip his lip regarding the guy that he traded away

    He has officially cemented himself in my mind as the worst coach in the NFL. What a complete and total piece of crap this guy is. Try winning a fricking game in the NFL before you start popping off like you are Vince Lombardi. I hope Culpepper gets 40 TDs next year and they can him as a result. Maybe TO had a reason to hate this guy.
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    Isn't this the guy TO threatened boldily harm upon? and the refused to acknowledge?

    OK 1 of the guys TO threatened bodily harm upon:)
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    TO should of kicked the tar out of this big baby :bang2::laugh2::laugh1:
  4. 5Stars

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    All you have to do is look and remember where he came from! Lots of losers in that part of the world when it comes to football! :laugh2:
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    I don't recall TO threatening bodily harm against him. According to Owens Childress was trying to aggravate him by constantly saying "hi TO" and Owens told him to not talk unless he's coaching him or Owens speaks to him.

    Maybe it was Reid that threatened bodily harm on Childress after he discovered somebody had taken the last three pieces of the meat lover's pizza from the coaching staff's fridge.

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    So the guy makes a frustrated comment about Culpepper (from the sounds of it, a legitimate one) and now he's a big baby with an ajenda against Miami's schedule? What apes wrote this article? Probably guys with Culpepper on their fantasy teams.

    Anyone who trades away a player like that is going to have some seller's remorse, that's only human. Why shouldn't the HC of a team expect its defacto team leader to stay and train near the team?

    I can tell you one thing, though, if Jerry Jones had Duante Culpepper and Randy Moss both would have remained Cowboys until they were unable to play (and probably then some).
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    Childress should learn to shut his trap. He's not helping himself. Rapping on Daunte is a no win deal for him.
  8. Hoov

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    Look, more proof that it was Childress and the eagles fault - TO was the good guy surrounded by jerks, not the other way around.
  9. Eddie

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    How did this turn into a TO thread?

    Amazing ...
  10. Jarv

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    So I take it that Childress was the OC at Philly last year that TO said don't speak to me unless I speak to you 1st.

    Sounds like they were both jerks about it and the HC should have stepped in.

    But what do I know, I wasn't there to see the circumstances.
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    My guess is Childress wont last as HC more than 2-3 years. He seems like clueless, on how to keep his mouth shut.
  12. Hoov

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    Eddie, you know im just being an instigator
  13. dcdallaschick

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    As I recall, this is at least the third in a string of snippy remarks Childress has lobbed in Culpepper's direction via the media since they parted ways. He's already come off to me as a grade-A jerk, and this is just another confirmation.

    Dude, you traded the guy, he's gone, let it go already and stop being a little girl about it.
  14. EGG

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    I'm shocked that people write this drivel and get payed for it,,, basically this coach is trying to justify their release of Culpepper to the endlessly questioning media by pointing out the chickensh! t things Daunte was doing. Maybe it's not the smartest thing to do, but so what? It isn't a big deal, certainly not worth going off on.
  15. Tacos1k

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    What's the source on this article? Just curious... Wouldn't expect to see "circlejerk" in a newspaper, unless it means something other than what I'm thinking it does!:eek:

    /back to lurking

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    If he is so easily baited in the offseason, when he is still in the honeymoon phase of his coaching carrer, whats gonna happen when the media starts up after a loss and a couple of questionable play calls?

    Your Culpepper bias is showing nowhere in that article was it metioned that he was not getting adequate care just that it was in a Walmart parking lot:rolleyes:
  17. lkelly

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    So what lies has Childress spread about Culpepper? To me, it seems like he's just made a bunch of factual statements about Culpepper's rehab decisions and given a few short statements regarding his reaction to those decisions.

    Does anyone think he's going to the media with this story? I would expect he's getting a ton of calls each day with requests for comments/interviews.

    Maybe he can take the Parcells approach and say nothing, leaving the media to create their own negative and potentially inaccurate stories.

    Lastly, would it have been a great business move to trash Culpepper while he's on the team? That's a terrific way to build up trade value.
  18. Jarv

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    The Eagles got a 2nd for backup Jay Feeley, the Vikings got a 2nd for a pro-bowl QB in Daunte...

    To the same team no less.
  19. adbutcher

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    He still has quite a ways to go before he is considered the devil incarnate though, lol.
  20. Natedawg44

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    Bottomline is he's absolutely covering his own behind if Culpepper has a great year. That is all that he is about. All he has to say is Dante is a member of the Miami Dolphins. NEXT QUESTION. Drew Rosenhaus can run a press conference much better than this tool.

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