PFT: Eagles' top pick Bunkley arrested (Bad Rumor)

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by AdamJT13, Jul 27, 2006.

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    POSTED 11:25 p.m. EDT, July 27, 2006; LAST UPDATED 12:08 a.m. EDT, July 28, 2006

    BUNKLEY BUST NEWS TO EAGLES has caught wind of strong rumors in Philly that unsigned Eagles first-round draft pick Brodrick Bunkley has been arrested for having a loaded handgun on the dashboard of his car.

    The arrest, which per the rumors was made by the Delaware River Port Authority on one of the bridges connecting Pennsylvania to New Jersey, happened at least a week ago. An effort was made to get the charges dropped quietly, but prosecutors (we're told) have refused to do so.

    Meanwhile, early word out of the Eagles organization is that they haven't heard of any arrest. In response, our source for the rumor says that official news of the charges won't break until Friday.

    Bunkley was the fourteenth overall pick in the 2006 draft. He currently is unsigned even though the team opened camp earlier this week. The major sticking point reportedly has been the length of the deal -- the team wants six years, and Bunkley's agent, Gary Wichard, will agree only to a five-year term.
  2. sacase

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    wow everyone getting arrested or shot this off season
  3. rexrobinson

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    at least the Eagles have that new movie comming out to look forward to this year
  4. 5Stars

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    Wow...I wonder how this is going to affect the Eagles team "chemistry"?

    Phonetic-Talon...any ideas on how this will affect the Eagles? Or, should the rest of the NFC just "better watch out"?

  5. J-DOG

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    That is no suprise...I'm not talking about the arrest but that the Eagles organization knew nothing about it.
    The Eagles don't know, don't care or don't wanna know about bad news.
    Trying to hide your problems by sweeping it under the rug or by keeping it in house did not work last year and it won't work this year either.
    Andy! Andy! Damage control mode!
  6. gimmesix

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    Did they compare the gun to the bullets fired at Davis?

    On second thought, if the Eagles were going to put a hit out on any Cowboy I would think Davis would be near the bottom of the list.
  7. Cowboy from New York

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    He's arrested up close to the Philly area, the contract negotiations arent going well and the Eagles organization didnt know about it? Sure.....
    They knew about it and now that all the camps have started and the kid still isnt in camp with them they probably saw it as time to get tough with him and leaked the info. Harder for the kid to hold out for a "fair" deal when public opinion will be the kid is lucky to get anything at all, same kinda thing will happen to Santonio Holmes when he signs.
  8. thescarface1989

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    :lmao2:Man, I should take the time to read Thread titles more often I thought this was a thread about the Bengals!
  9. Qwickdraw

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    Why on Earth would Bunkley need a loaded handgun?

  10. Big Dakota

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    It's because little guys carry guns because of mosters like him.
  11. Big Dakota

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    never seen that one coming :laugh1:

    How are ya 6?
  12. AdamJT13

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    The question is, why did he have a loaded gun on his way to church?
  13. Big Dakota

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    He was an alterboy when he was young and had a flashback?
  14. Qwickdraw

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    Maybe he was heading to K Davis' church.
  15. Manster68

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    Wow, a Florida State Seminole getting in trouble. Imagine that.

    Maybe we fans need to hold our breaths on Watkins?
  16. TheHustler

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  17. Boom

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    He was attending a shotgun wedding.
  18. StevenOtero

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    If I lived in Philadelphia I'd have a loaded gun in my vehicle too. Philly is a rough place.
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    Geez, the church line is really making the circuit.

    THUMPER Papa

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    That's got "thug" written all over it if true. He belongs in Philly.

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