News: PFT: Jason Garrett: Morris Claiborne needs to become “stronger”

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Mar 26, 2014.

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    If Jerry was a great and smart GM, .. and we had the greatest coaches, .. and had great drafts and picked up the best FA's, .. I might wonder about that.

    But with Jerry being how he is, us having the coaches we've had, .. the weak and questionable drafts, .. poor FA pickups that we spent too much on, .. etc.

    There is no deal with the devil.

    You reap what you sow. We are what we are because of Jerry's fantasy.
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    The thing that causes me to bring that into question is the fact that we have not had all sucky years every single year as you're portraying. We have not been the jaguars who has sucked almost every single year. Even the years we had great teams and made the playoffs it always seemed to be some bs *** moments happening that makes you scratch your head. '06 make the playoffs possibly about to beat the seahawks and we boble the FG snap ***. 07 we go 13-3 throttling the league get into the divisonal round ppl like crayton pulling up on routes, receivers dropping TD's in the endzone, o-line getting hammered very last play ending on a pick ***. '08 basically the same team as last year we get into week 17 and get the dog crap beat down out of us by the eagles 44-6 ***. '09 we FINALLY pick up our first playoff win since '96 beating 2 undefeated teams that season, beat the eagles in the playoffs and then the Vikings come to town and our o-line turns into a bunch of middle schoolers and Romo gets sacked so many times I lose count ***. I mean seriously we have not been flat our horrible every year, its been plenty of good years and yet everysingle time some crazy thing happens. Man stuff like that tends you to believe in blood curses serously....
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    This is why I hated JJ for moving up that year. I would have been ok with brockers and wagner that year.. And now we have needs in those 2 postions. If we would have stuck to the script we would have less needs and be in postion for a move up for clowney or jf. Heck so many teams want to move down we probably could have thrown a 3rd rounder out there to get in the top 10.
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    Claiborne needs to put in a good offseason. He does need to get his body in better physical shape. He finished the season healthy and I have heard of no issues since.

    His biggest sin was not playing as well as Scandrick. I am not going to say he was good but he was doing stuff like holding more than he was getting beat downfield.
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    Prediction: Following another disappointing season, they are going to say he put on too much weight as result of his strength training, which ultimately slowed him down.
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