News: PFT: Jerry Jones “disappointed” in players Jerry Jones drafted

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Oct 4, 2013.

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    Cowboys coach Jason Garrett hasn’t been afraid to wield the one power he has over the Cowboys roster — playing time. In recent weeks, he’s benched former sixth-overall pick Morris Claiborne, and now it appears 2011 second-rounder Bruce Carter is losing his job to Ernie Sims. That has owner/G.M. Jerry Jones wondering what went wrong.…

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    “We certainly respect the decision they’ve made in terms of who is going to start and who is going to play at what. Obviously, we do need accountability. Any time you bench a player who has played well for you, and both of them have, that’s disappointing.

    If we lose and the defense shows poorly, we'll see how long they respect the coaches decision;)
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    Jerry should be used to it by now. He's an old hat at drafting busts.........
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    I'm just glad Garrett now has the authority to bench players. Bob Sturm reported a source within the Cowboys informed him Garrett didn't have that authority last year, specifically when referring to Felix Jones on kick returns.
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    Do we know for certain he has the authority to bench players? He claims every move the Cowboys make is a collaborative decision. The article stats: Jerry Jones "disappointed" in players Jerry Jones drafted. Stephen Jones called out Claiborne the other day and in the article says he respects what the coaches feel like they need to do to get the most out of our players so listening to Jerry and Stephen it sounds like these benching's weren't just a Jason Garrett decision.
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    it's like I'm taking crazy pills! those arse-clowns...
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    It's like living in an insane asylum............
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    Accountability starts from the top.
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    Not sure what the point of the article is about.

    If a player is a bust, any GM is going to be disappointed. Any coach is going to be disappointed.

    It's like buying stock and seeing it plummet, then having somebody act like you're a fool to be disappointed the stock plummeted because you picked the stock.

    Does it go the other way around? Should Jerry not be happy that Dez was a player he picked and has worked out? How about Witten?

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    Or in the case of the Cowboys organization, it starts below the top. Actually just below the head coach. That is where accountability starts.
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    No, we don't know that.

    It's so sad we have to follow a team with such a crazy decision-making process.

    You know, some teams - teams that win superbowls - have a GM that's accountable for the player talent they bring in and a coach that has authority in the locker room.
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    Never liked the Claiborne trade. Was OK with rolling the dice on Carter though. BTW I think Carter is more salvagable than Claiborne.
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    The reason the Cowboys won 3 SB's during the 90's was Jerry being smart and giving his HC the authority to run the team. Jimmy was the Cowboys unofficial GM he made all the football decisions and his players knew it all started and ended with him. Jerry's ego won't allow him to do that anymore it will be status quo if the Cowboys continue to remain popular and he's able to keep selling out his stadium fielding a mediocre team. No reason to relinquish any power hiring a strong HC if 500 seasons every year aren't causing him to lose money. He only hired Parcells back in 03 to get his new stadium built he admitted that in his drunken Youtube rant a few years ago. Jerry has everything he wants a big state of the art stadium that's packed for every home game regardless how the Cowboys are playing.
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    Dam, you really hate to whiff on the 6th overall pick. Especially considering we had to trade a 2nd to move up and get him there.

    New more drafting LSU players.
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    Garrett is a moron. The sooner JJ and Stephen figure that out, we can start winning again.
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    They both are going to be ok but they need to get it turned around starting tomorrow!
  17. EGG

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    "Accountability" really only works when you've got viable options waiting in the wings and you are making smart choices with the general direction of the team. Separately I like the Claiborne pick and the new defensive staff, but put together those hires conflict with each other. Kinda like pairing up Rob Ryan with Jason Garrett. Jerry's GM moves are all-to-often sporadic and short-sighted, almost like they are being made just to give the appearance of motion.

    It's too bad because some of the moves are good but then they get negated by other moves or neglect of crucial elements. That's what happens when your GM doesn't have a clue and he just cuts and pastes good ideas from different people on his staff, there is no central leader with a vision.

    Carter will be fine, he just needs a kick in the arse I think...
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    Tomorrow meaning 18 years ago....the day that never comes.
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    According the the media:

    If A + B = C then X + Y = Z

    It's a great thing that media guys are in media and not building bridges or something that could get somebody killed when they screw up their jobs.

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