PFT Jerry Jones: Garrett Doesn't Have To Make Playoffs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by birdwells1, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. alicetooljam

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    Because its Jerry and he very well still can...just because the above statement is logical is thrown out the window when he can elect to make such a statement. No, he doesnt have to say he must get in to remain HC, but he didnt have to say this either...

    The last 2 weeks I had been hoping for some news or statements out of Valley Ranch regarding their decisions and direction. In their silence many have felt sound decisions were being made and they finally get it....Im now hoping they just shut up was definitely working better for them.
  2. khiladi

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    Jerry says you don't rebuild with Tony Romo, but your coach will possibly stay if he doesn't make the playoffs. Guy is off the wall a walking contradiction. All logic sails when it comes to Garrett.
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  3. alicetooljam

    alicetooljam Well-Known Member

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    It will still be the "story" especially the later they get into the season without an extension.
  4. BoysFan4ever

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    I never expect Jerry to say anything that makes any sense. He just babbles. Some people do that. He's king of that club.
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  5. Doomsay

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    It's the same thing to say that he won't be fired if he doesn't perform, it's just the inverse. Owners generally don't publicly indicate if they are or are not in rebuilding mode.

    Things are not done the same way in Dallas.
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  6. diehard2294

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    Every year he gets a pass, why should this be any different. I agree with someone saying extend him now...I just got sick saying that!
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  7. khiladi

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    Jerry is just dumb. If you don't want to make a controversial statement, just say we'll judge at the end of the year where we stand.
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  8. Dhragon

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    "Kung **" the TV series.
  9. noshame

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    As I've said, year 1 of a 3 year rebuild.
  10. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

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    some owners do. I don't think any comment being made to day will mean much in Feb. Garrett is in the last year of his deal has he been given a longer contract as of yet?
  11. Apollo Creed

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    That's what I've been screaming. If it wasn't for Tony Romo routinely pulling miracles out of his *** - this team would be lucky to finish 6-10.

    It's not like Garrett's play calls or his offense puts fear in the heart of defenses. More often than not it's Romo extending and making a play. Or the ole toss it up to Dez in the redzone. There is no balance, very rarely do I catch myself saying - 'damn, nice call.' Dropping back 3 times and letting Romo play street ball isn't exactly a tough job, anyone of 50 coaches could finish 8-8 with him under center.
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  12. George

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  13. 17yearsandcounting

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    Al Davis Junior deserves his Lane Kiffin.
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  14. Nav22

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    LOL at anyone who thought Jerry should publicly say that Garrett's out if we miss the playoffs.

    And LOL at anyone who thinks that just because Jerry said this then that means Garrett is surely safe no matter what happens this season.

    It's like you have no clue how the media works.
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  15. visionary

    visionary Well-Known Member

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    or year 4 of a 10 year rebuild
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  16. TheCount

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    I've never seen the media so obssessed with this "lame duck" nonsense as they are with Garrett. I'd never even know any other coach in the NFL had ever coached with one year left on their deal until this.

    Now, let's not get it twisted, my opinion on Garrett is well established. I'm just saying the media trying to pressure Jerry into extending him, like it's some kind of dare, is ridiculous. The last thing I want is Jerry to extend this guy to shut up the media.
  17. Hostile

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  18. HoustonFrog

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    What can I say. There are people I'll always try and see some positive on...Romo being one. But I'll never get the Garrett love. Hasn't accomplished one thing. Had less experience than anyone. Makes mistakes that the GM and most people admit lost us games and a playoff spot. Basically he was on the 90s team, Jerry likes his Dad and Jerry doesn't want to be embarrassingly wrong again. That's it. There isn't much else. The minute Jerry started talking about getting younger and admitting that he isn't loading up like the other years, I knew the excuses were being laid out.
  19. Hoofbite

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    Nothing to see here. Other teams also set the bar incredibly low.
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  20. Doomsday101

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    I think Jerry is giving him his full contract to prove himself. I like Garrett but if it were my call I would have fired him at the end of the season. I still hope he gets this turned around and not anti-Garrett and I don't think his job is safe if it were he would already have been given an extension

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