PFT: Jets should be pestering the league office to penalize the Pats

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jul 3, 2010.

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    Jets should be pestering the league office to penalize the Pats

    yeah, stick it to the pats and belicheater, i cant stand them;

    Posted by Mike Florio on July 3, 2010 1:06 PM ET
    At the end of the 2008 season, then-Jets quarterback Brett Favre played with a partially-ruptured biceps tendon. The condition never appeared on the team's injury report.

    The situation never would have been an issue if Favre didn't talk about it after the fact.

    But talk about it Favre did. And Favre kept talking about it. When he said that the Jets should have benched him due to the injury, disclosing that an MRI revealed the condition with four or five games to play, the league had no choice but to take action against the Jets for flaunting the rules.

    So now that Tom Brady's personal throwing coach has confirmed that Brady played with undisclosed broken ribs and a broken finger in Week 16, will the league do the same thing to the Patriots?

    Probably not.

    Brady was listed on the official report from Week 13 through 17 as being probable to play with "right shoulder, finger, rib" injuries. And he played. So under the league's typically narrow view of the injury reporting obligations, the team complied.

    Which brings us back to one of our periodic complaints. If the injury reporting rules aim to ensure that inside information won't be available for folks with gambling interests to pursue, the injury reporting rules are failing, badly.

    Brady's case proves that inside information is available. At a time when the Pats were treating Brady's finger and rib problems like the same chronic right shoulder injury that has appeared on most injury reports during Brady's career, the truth was that Brady had broken bones.

    To make matters worse, coach Bill Belichick flat-out denied that the ribs were broken, using the occasion to make a personal attack against the person who was reporting that, indeed, the ribs were broken.

    Though we realize that the league office needs to tread lightly when it comes to forcing teams to disclose information that, in the opinion of the affected teams, could hurt their strategic interests, the integrity of the game requires that something more than lip service be paid to the fact that a guy is injured.

    To avoid the pursuit of inside information regarding the extent of a player's injury, the league must expect more than a shrugging reference to a general area of the body. The information must be truthful and complete, or the information is worthless.

    So the message here is that, yes, inside information continues to be available to gamblers. And when the NFL faces its own Tim Donaghy-style scandal, the NFL will have no one to blame for the situation but itself.
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    Brady's personal coach discusses injuries that Belichick denied; PFT,

    generally once a cheater, like belicheater is, always a cheater, throw the book at him Goodell, you cant get out of it now, Goodell, you sent memos about falsefifing injuries and covering them up, time he paid the piper for cheating. these are my views in bold

    Posted by Michael David Smith on July 3, 2010 9:42 AM ET
    At the end of the 2009 season, Charley Casserly of CBS reported that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was playing with broken ribs, and Patriots coach Bill Belichick responded by lashing out at Casserly and asking, "Who's been wrong more than Charley Casserly?"

    As it turns out, the person who fills out the Patriots' injury report has been wrong more than Charley Casserly.

    Brady's personal throwing coach, Tom Martinez, has confirmed that Brady had broken ribs and a broken finger that were bothering him leading up to the Patriots' Week 16 game against the Jaguars.

    "He had a broken finger and three broken ribs," Martinez told "He wasn't throwing well."

    Albert Breer of the Boston Globe writes that the news of Brady's broken ribs and broken finger was withheld because Brady didn't want to use his injuries as an excuse for poor play.

    Whatever the reason, teams aren't supposed to withhold injury information.

    And Belichick was wrong to attack Casserly with a lie.
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    all coaches hide injuries joe. What would goodell throw the book at him for?
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    i thought after last year, you couldnt hide injuries anymore, you had to report it either thursday or friday, didnt the nfl send out a memo about you having to report all injuries, and you couldnt hide them anymore, and if you did, was a fine,possible loss of draft picks?

    i cant stand the pats and belicheater! :banghead:
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    i found this, but its real old, but i remember reading somewhere the NFL and best i remember Goodell says you cant hide injuries any more and you have to report them and be specific;

    Commish wants end to minimal reportingEmail Print news services

    In a new directive sent Monday to all 32 NFL teams, commissioner Paul Tagliabue laid down new ground rules for reporting injuries that is certain to draw disapproval from NFL coaches who are guarded in their public disclosures.

    Tagliabue said that teams may no longer simply list a player as having a "leg injury," but must specify whether the injury is an "ankle, knee, calf or thigh." He stressed that teams must be factual and accurate with their information.

    The memo also went so far as to tell teams that they must report any player who does not participate in the full-team (11-on-11) portion of any practice, and the reason for that player's non-participation.

    In addition, it encouraged coaches to open at least a part of practice to the media, although it did not make that mandatory.

    Some coaches, including New England's Bill Belichick, have been accused of deliberately fudging injuries, claiming that to disclose what area of the body is hurting would encourage opponents to deliberately go after the sore spot. However, the competition committee, which approved the memo, includes coaches Jeff Fisher of Tennessee and Mike Holmgren of Seattle.

    Tagliabue also will require that Friday be the new mandatory day to update injuries. Previously, teams would provide injury updates on Wednesday and Thursday, although some have been reprimanded for not disclosing a significant or worsened injury that may have occurred during a Friday practice.

    Tagliabue promised strict enforcement of the new ground rules, telling clubs that the league will screen random videotapes.

    "The policy will be strictly enforced and violations will be subject to disciplinary action," the commissioner warned in the memo.

    ESPN's Chris Mortensen and The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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    What was Barber's injury reported as?
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    i think pulled quad, never saw it as torn
  8. rkell87

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    353 Likes Received just has a body part listed and how likely he is to play ie. vs. raiders it say thumb-probable
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    These are not new rules or tactics by teams. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys were fined back in 1994 for not disclosing an injured finger on Aikman the week they faced the 49ers in the regular season. Troy had banged it on a helmet while throwing during practice that week.
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    maybe its just me looking at it as a fan of a sport where you are not required to disclose injury status of your players but it seems strange to me that you would have to do this. does it not just highlight weaknesses to the opposition coach and players? for example a top cb could probably play with an injury as teams are unlikely to target him whereas if they know he is injured then they may choose to try and exploit that. or target a runners ribs when tackling etc.
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    Only 20 more days till training camp

    Only 20 more days till training camp

    Only 20 more days till training camp

    Only 20 more days till training camp

    Only 20 more days till training camp
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    When you report another team it tends to get them looking at yours also.
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