News: PFT: Lions institute variable pricing for 2014 tickets...other teams may follow

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Posted by Josh Alper on January 27, 2014, 10:52 AM EST

    The Lions announced Monday morning that they will institute variable pricing on tickets for the 2014 season. Each preseason and regular season game will be assigned to one of three pricing categories that the Lions hope reflects the demand for each of those games that they’ve seen on the secondary market in recent years.

    “Data from the secondary market has equipped us to make more educated and fair pricing decisions based on anticipated demand,” vice president of ticketing and suite sales Todd Lambert said in the team’s announcement. “We’re now using that information to offer a better ticket experience for season ticket members who previously paid the same price regardless of the matchup or viability as a regular or preseason game.”

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  2. Future

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    Tier 1 - Cowboys tickets
    Tier 2 - NFC North Games
    Tier 3 - Everyone else
  3. trueblue1687

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    The Lions should be thrilled to even sell a ticket considering the city they paly in is destitute. I bet they thank God for surrounding cities/states.
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    I'm from Michigan and I take strong offense to your remarks. I find Detroit to be quite scenic and in no way "destitute". If you want proof, check out this photo I took earlier in the month while visiting Detroit.

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    You can take all the offense you want; I'm sure people who live in Afghanistan take offense to some of the things people say about it too.

    But I'm from Windsor, and for the most part Detroit is dilapidated. A lot of that has creeped into Windsor, which is no surprise given that it's been an annexation of Detroit.
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    I was in Detroit last year for the game, and I would just like to point out that this picture is a little inaccurate. There aren't nearly that many people still living there.
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    My apologies, sir...Let me retract that statement...and look for a clean, one owner rancher somewhere near the nucleus of that squamous cell known as Detroit:)
  9. DandyDon1722

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    Jerry's ticket pricing philosophy

    Tier One (Cheap) - Teams with national followings assuring them of home field advantage
    Tier Two (Cheaper) - Pre-Season & regular season games - showcasing Jeff Heath and B.W. Webb for fans the entire year

    Tier Three (FREE!) - Playoff Tickets - (Jerry never loses money)
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    Tiered pricing is BS. What it really does is charges more for games that they know they can sell through. It's a great idea from the teams standpoint. It's a rip off from the fans side. The Rangers have been doing this for a few years with "premier" games. What Premier games are for the Rangers are basically almost all Saturday games and any time the Yankees, Red Sox or another high tone team comes in. So from a football perspective I'd imagine that tier 1 would be preseason and the perennial doormats. Tier 2 would likely be Minnesota and the rotational teams. Tier 3 I'd guess would be Bears, Packers and this year Giants and Saints.

    It's really going to be a revenue device and a way to make the dog games look cheaper from the team.
  11. Fletch

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    Okay, that was awesome!
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  12. WPBCowboysFan

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    The Thanksgiving Day game is the one I always made the most money on when I had Lions season tix. I had tix to sell for a profit. The Thanksgiving Day game was the one I made my money on. The other games just werent that big for making money by comparison - more of a break even situation or a lil better for the Packers and Bears. The year they went 0-16 I got about 20 cents on the dollar and didnt renew after that.
  13. AmericasTeam81

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    God forbid a team tries to make a profit
  14. Cowboy Brian

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    Well, Redskins, Eagles and Giants are Tier 1A. Above NFC North, below Cowboys. Patriots and Saints have also done quite well in ticket sales for quite a while. 49ers & Broncos I'm sure as well. Most other teams have fallen off.
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    Na ppl in Afghanistan know they have crappie lives... trust me
  16. Future

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    Lions fans aren't going to pay more to see the Redskins than the Packers...
  17. StarBoyz83

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    I figured the nfl was already like this guess not. The nbas been like this for a while now.

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