PFT: NFL calls first experience with fans at the Combine a success

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    NFL calls first experience with fans at the Combine a success
    Posted by Michael David Smith on February 26, 2012, 6:51 PM EST
    APFor the first time this year, fans were allowed inside Lucas Oil Stadium to watch Scouting Combine drills live and in person. Judging by the league’s reaction, it sounds like it won’t be the last time.

    Ray Anderson, the NFL’s V.P. of football operations, told he thought it turned out to be a big success: The fans enjoyed themselves, and they also followed the rules so that their presence wasn’t a distraction to the players, scouts, coaches and team executives on hand.

    “The folks followed the instructions, they were respectful,” Anderson said. “They understood this was a work environment and that these young men were going through the interviews of their lives, so we asked them to adhere to a library etiquette and to help us out so we can take this back and really vet it and see if it’s something we should do on a larger and more permanent basis. And you know what, they’ve given us a good case to make.”
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    Here we go. Now they can ruin this like they did the draft.

    I can just imagine it. Primetime 40 yard dash, except they do just 5 prospects a day, stretching it out over the entire offseason and put it on prime time. That's the ticket.

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