PFT: Official franchise, transition tag numbers revealed

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 29, 2010.

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    Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on January 29, 2010 11:53 AM ET
    With teams able to use a franchise and a transition tag this offseason barring a collective bargaining agreement, the following numbers will be of interest to many players around the league.

    Here's a look at the franchise and transition numbers at each position, courtesy of Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger.

    The numbers are based on the average of the highest five or ten players at each position, depending on which tag you use.

    Quarterback: $16.405 million [franchise tag], $14.546 million [transition tag]

    Defensive end: $12.398m, $10.193m

    Offensive line: $10.731m, $9.142m

    Linebacker: $9.680m, $8.373m

    Cornerback: $9.566 m , $8.056 m

    Wide receiver: $9.521m, $8.651m

    Running back: $8.156m, $7.151m

    Defensive tackle: $7.003m, $6.353m

    Safety: $6.455m, $6.011m

    Tight end: $5.908m, $5.248m

    Punter/kicker: $2.814m, $2.629m
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    Wow even kickers are getting some serious coin. $2 million for a kicker? Really?! C'mon, man!
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    Yep this year kickers all around the league were well paid. Coincidentally it seems like more games were decided by missed FG's this year then any other year in recent memory.
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    true dat. I can only think of 3 really good kickers (big leg strength and accurate) Nate Keading, Ryan Longwell, and Neal Rackers worth paying for.
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    And Kaeding melted down in the playoffs, while Rackers missed an easy kick at the end of regulation in the first round (nearly costing the Cards a win).
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    Defensive end: $12.398m, $10.193m

    Well, Marcus Spears will not be getting a Franchise or Transition tag.

    How much will the highest tendered Restricted Free Agents getting? The one where the team receives a 1st and 3rd if they don't match.
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    your g/f is hat.
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    Uh, did you watch the 2009 football season? How many teams would give $2mil for a clutch kicker? I'm sure Dallas would, Chargers would, Redskins, Eagles, Vikings..... who else?

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