PFT: Redskins considering nuclear option to restore cap space

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Zordon, Feb 25, 2013.

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    Snyder is completely within his rights to do so and I really hope that he does. It would be an open and shut case and I would hope that the court would be punitive against the NFL's leadership who are repeat offenders.
  3. I hope he goes after the league for collusion. File suit in DC and see what the NFL does.
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    Snyder should keep watch on his race horses.
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    Judge Doty just threw out the Player's collusion case. I don't see how an owner would have a better chance than the union, who would be the injured party.
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    Doty threw out the case because the NFLPA agreed in this last CBA that they had waived any claims of collusion from the past. Dumbest concession ever! Doty also denied the claim because the NFLPA signed off on the penalties to begin with.

    The Redskins/Cowboys case is no where near as dead as the NFLPA's case. The original arbitrator also didn't rule out the Redskins/Cowboys right to take the case to court. All the arbitrator did/didn't do was not rescind the penalties.

    Also, the notion that the NFLPA was the injured party in this case is a joke. The damages that could be claimed by the NFLPA are speculative, at best. The REAL injured parties were the ones that were blackballed by a group of owners whom Jerry Jones and Danieal Snyder have combined to generate more revenue for them than entire divisions worth combined.

    Awfully fishy that the teams that were illegally under that imaginary salary cap floor weren't also punished for violating the polar end of that handshake agreement, eh?
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    I would love to see Synder take the NFL to court. It would be interesting to see if Danny boy could delay free agency.
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    Bingo. Tampa and JVille were FAR below the floor and "got away with it"

    No doubt there is quite a bit of fire behind this smoke.
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    Duty threw it out because of the NFLPA's waiver of any collusion claims prior to the signing of the CBA. The NFLPA tried ot argue duress but Doty rejected the argument. That logically made sense.

    Unless there is some secret documents whereby the Redskins agreed to abide by some salary cap then they absolutely have claim.

    The Redskins are a privately held firm and market competitors are not allowed to strongarm them into something like payroll limitations to contract parameters.

    We know you like the NFL trust but it is what it is.
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    Smart move by Jerry to let the Skins be the ones going after the league while he has no fingerprints on any of this.

    That way if the Skins win, we get our cap space back and if the Skins lose, they are the ones the owners are pissed at and not Dallas. So Jerry can still get his SB since he will not be the guy everybody is pissed at.

    Smart move by Jerry here.
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    sometimes he is not so dumb
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    What thinking the same thing. Use the skins as the Lab Rat
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    They were showing Jerry's in bus on NFL AM today and the driver said that yesterday Jerry and Dan were sitting together having a chat. Wonder what that may have been about....


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    Click on the link to view the video.


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