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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 27, 2008.

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    Posted by Mike Florio on September 27, 2008, 9:56 a.m.

    We’ve been flooded with e-mail messages about the decision of a Seahawks fan site to prepare for the team’s upcoming game against the Giants by posting a list of nauseating, tasteless, and horribly inappropriate 9/11 jokes.

    We weren’t going to mention the situation, because we didn’t want to push traffic to the site. But given the extent to which the story has grown legs, with stories by ******** and Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, we needed to chime in.

    Seahawks fans, you can do better. There are plenty of other places where you can get news about your team.

    Actually, Seahawks fans might have no choice. The site in question,, currently is down. (Here’s the cached version of the page .) We hope that it’s because their servers collapsed under the weight of the unanticipated curiosity in the site, and we also hope that it will never be back.

    If the site ever does return, we’ll be organizing an effort to contact all of its advertisers and plead with them to stop doing business with the site.

    Based on the cached page, the advertisers include RazorGator, StubHub, Google, and FansEdge.

    And before anyone suggests that every subject is fair game for jokes after sufficient passage of time, we don’t think that this loose rule of comedy applies to the single greatest tragedy in the history of our country. It’s been nearly 67 years since Pearl Harbor, and I’ve never heard a single joke about our men and women who were slaughtered that day.

    We realize that comedy is subjective. But claiming “it was just a joke” doesn’t provide the would-be comedian a license to offend an entire nation.

    While the First Amendment to our Constitution gives shmucks like this the ability to say things like that without being thrown in jail, the First Amendment also gives shmucks like us the ability to call them the shmucks that they are, and to ask anyone who does business with these shmucks to stop. Now.

    UPDATE: We should have thought of this earlier. The domain for the site includes the term “Seahawks,” for which the Seahawks own the copyright. And so the Seahawks need to send these shmucks a cease-and-desist letter, pronto.
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    9/11 was horrible no doubt but it pales in comparison to the lives lost in the Battles of Gettysburg and Antietam in the US Civil War. Tens of thousand of men died and many more wounded with brother fighting brother and friend fighting friend.

    350,000 Americans gave their lives in WW2 and there were over 100,000 casualties in Vietnam. Over 100,000 killed in WW1.
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    I've never heard tasteless jokes about Gettysburg and Antietam. I don't think I've ever heard jokes about the Civil War or WWI. The ones I have heard about WWII I didn't find funny and wouldn't share them on a football forum.

    It takes every bit of self control I have not to ban those who blame 9/11 on our country. Pale in comparison or not, I have no respect for the people who do that. Not an ounce.
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    Seattle fans :chainsaw:
  5. StylisticS

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    Poor taste by that Seattle site. Not funny whatsoever.
  6. CrazyCowboy

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    some people just do not get it.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Where is Seattle?
  8. Vintage

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    Its one Seattle fan (or perhaps a group) of Seattle fans.

    Its NOT indicative of their fan base.

    If a Cowboys fan did the same thing.... we'd be arguing the above point.

    Don't confuse one fan as representing an entire fan base.
  9. StarHead69

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    I second this opinion.

    It would be nice to get ones hands on the IP addresses of the schmucks who were posting the "jokes".
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    Yeah, this is prolly the most asinine thing I've read - there was no battle on 9/11 that bright Tuesday morning - It was a cowardly attack on unsuspecting mothers, fathers, cousins and brothers .

    The Civil War was needed to put the South in her place - to keep the country as one, to not give England or France the idea we conquerable, both of which were thinking of intervening.

    I was there on 9/11 - I walked into the World Financial Center that morn , which is connected to the WTC - I walked back out as Plane #2 hit the Tower and all mayhem broke loose.

    Don't you dare for a second think NYC , and NY are NOT the same people in Texas - we're all Americans - Texas would not exist without the Fighting 69th of NYC not would America for that matter.

    I could go on.
  11. tomson75

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    I don't think too many people are lumping all Seattle fans together here....most of the Seahawk fans I've met have been cool.

    ...but this site should be held responsible. The admins should never have allowed such a thing to happen.
  12. riggo

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    i think it was just last year before the skins playoffs game at seattle that i read some of the more nasty and tasteless comments- mostly regarding sean taylor- on a seattle message board. it was really awful and way over the line. skins and boys fans go at it, but i've never seen anything like that on this board. wish i had a link to paste to show what i'm talking about.
  13. Cajuncowboy

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    I think there's a time to lose control. :mad:
  14. superpunk

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    Yeah, they're shmucks. But, it's the internet. If you can't handle distasteful jokes about 9/11, jews, black people, hitler and the holocaust, ******** people and on and on, just find another corner of the internet that suits your tastes.

    It's like anything else - they have the right to make distasteful jokes - you have the right to ignore them.
  15. Vintage

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    you speak the truth.

    I merely speak drunken ramblings.
  16. Shady12

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    Those wars you mention.. The majority of those lives lost were soldiers. They at least were fighting and knew they might die. The 9-11 victims were civilians who were just going to work, etc. A little bit of a difference there bud.
  17. Reality

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    I think some people forget that 9/11 might have happened in New York, but it affected the entire country.

    To make light of something that affected so many through death and injury is not only tasteless, it shows a lack of intelligence and compassion toward our neighbors, our country and humanity as a whole.

  18. the kid 05

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    riggo my boy, i believe ya. no need to rehash the negative. Must be that washington weather getting to the people of seattle
  19. crazytown41

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    How can you possibly compare wars where soldiers volunteered to fight for their country to innocent people who were killed by terrorists???

  20. bbgun

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    If you did, you'd knock off at least one mod.

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