News: PFT:Stephen Jones: Cowboys working to correct “killer instinct”

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on December 29, 2011, 5:24 PM EST
    Getty ImagesIt feels like we’ve been here before.
    The Cowboys enter yet another late season game with questions about their “killer instinct” and “mental toughness.” This is what happens when you blow fourth quarter leads five times in a year, including three double digit fourth quarter leads.

    Alex Marvez of and Sirius XM radio asked executive vice president/COO Stephen Jones about the team’s lack of killer instinct this season.
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    The mere fact that Stephen says they're working on having killer instincts this week shows that the organization doesn't get it....

    A. You don't LEARN to have Killer Instincts.
    B. You sure as hell can't learn it in a week.
    C. If they come out and show real killer instincts this week, I'm gonna be happy but pissed - becasue then I'll know they could have played this way the entire year.

    To me killer instinct is aggressive plays down the field. Hard hard running. not going down the first hit. Olinemen driving Dline down the field until the whistle blows. The oline playing with some of the tenacity that Erick Williams and Colombo played with, a few non-penalized scuffles, smack talking, Hard hits. Going 100 mph even when we're ahead. Not "protecting" a lead by running the clock out. The D'Line playing like a bunch of tornadoes, spins, swim moves, tosses, vicious , angry, pass rushers who all feel like they're going to get the next sack and nothing can stop them. DBs who eye the ball like an eagle. Who play up on WRs physically most of the time. Who feel like they can make an INT on every play and jump the ball often.

    If we play like this on Sunday, Giants players will be limping off the field at the end of their 37-10 loss. So we will see about this killer instinct on Sunday.

    Uggghh! We should have already clinched the division...


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    Message to Stephen Jones...

    NOW you're addressing this?

    He acknowledges this as if this season is the first time we've seen it.

    This team has not had a killer instinct in this century.

    Top down, Stephen. It starts at the top of the organization and works its way down.
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    Instinct, by definition is innate, not learned...
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    great post (also Juke)

    i was going to post the same thing

    i sure hope tony is "working" on getting that killer instinct thingy this week or we are in trouble

    this organization just does not get it
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