PFT: The importance of considering Ezekiel Elliott’s side of the story

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Aug 12, 2017 at 11:13 AM.

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    ^^^ This. I wish every person in the country would read that and take it to heart. But they don't. There's a huge movement to go with the "guilty until proven innocent" standard, and it's destroying people's lives. If you point out what is stated above, you're branded a misogynist or a rape apologist. That drives me nuts. This crap will prevent one of our best players from playing when he has not been proven to have done anything wrong. Zeke deserves to be allowed to play from day one of the season (and preseason). This is injustice and I hope Jerry fights it tooth and nail. Frankly, Goodell is a horrible commissioner and deserves to lose his job. We need a comish who won't cave to unreasonable and absurd demands of the "guilty until proven innocent" crowd. There are other areas where this type of tyranny is destroying people's lives, but I won't go into those or this would turn into a political post. Suffice it to say, I hope Jerry hires the best possible lawyers who are able to not just get Zeke reinstated to play, but who can also sue the league for damages. Give the NFL a big black eye for implementing this injustice. "Innocent until proven guilty" is a cornerstone of who we are as Americans. We football fans should demand that the league use that standard. And it should not be the league determining a player's guilt or innocence. That's the job of the court system. No player should be suspended based on rumors. It should only happen if that player is actually convicted of something in a court of law. And it doesn't make someone a "rape apologist" or a "misogynist" to demand that we use "innocent until proven guilty." It makes someone a fair-minded person.
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    I've stated as much in another thread on this board where the initial poster claimed that while he was a die-hard Cowboys fan, he wouldn't support Zeke and would encourage his kids not to as well. The inference was that if the NFL suspended him, there's probably enough evidence to suggest he did it. Fair enough.

    This person is entitled to believe and behave the way the want to, but the problem for the NFL is, they've created that perception of Zeke (and by association the Cowboys if they continue to employ him) by using what may be very questionable evidence.

    That suspension and subsequent implication of guilt will, in all probability, hurt the Elliot's and the Cowboys' "brand" and have a negative impact on merchandise sales and viewership. That's real damage and cause for a lawsuit. Unless they produce hard evidence, the NFL may have just "stepped in it."
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    Just not going to let it go are you? :rolleyes:

    This has nothing to do with culture. A snowflake is someone who is overly sensitive who gets offended by statements or beliefs in which they don't agree with. Yes, they can be in any culture but this isn't about any specific group.

    Example - safe spaces, students who can change their grades because they are "stressed" in school from outside events.

    These people do not care about truth and/or justice, they only care about their "feelings".

    Respond or not, I am done talking about this.
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    The league cannot be sued for defamation and Slander/libel since it wasn't the league that made the allegations..
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    You might be right. However, just because there's a clause doesn't mean he still can't sue. You can sue for just about anything these days. Even though there is writing that you can't.
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    I have no clue if he abused the young lady or not, and I'm leaning towards he didn't. But Zeke has never been punished for anything, and that's why he's such an avalanche. This 6 games isn't, in my opinion, for the 2 or 3 days in question, It's for all of it. He needs to sit down, reflect, and model himself after some of the other model citizen players on the team. We need him for the next 4 to 7 years and this would be the perfect medicine for his immature mind.

    We need him and his mind focused on winning super bowls. This is all I care about, this is all any of us should care about.
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    Good point. Zeke's lawyer should ask for a list of everyone she came into contact with during the period in question and demand that the NFL prove each one was not responsible for the bruises. I mean everyone, from the 7-11 clerk she bought a snickers from to her roommates or family members. That should be a fun exercise in how ridiculous their arguement was that Zeke couldn't explain the bruises. Maybe that's because they happened when he wasn't around or she'd did it to herself to frame him.
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    No - Zeke falls under the public figure exception and there is no indication of willful or actual malice on the part of the NFL.
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    I completely disagree. The world may have already been PC, but nothing close to the ridiculous over-the-top hysterical bleating you see about practically everything anymore. Someone is always offended and outraged and they will be certain to make their whines very loud.

    Take a good look around Twitter for example, the Elliott suspension absolutely is a topic that the faux socially conscious are jumping all over. And nearly all of them have absolutely zero information on the subject. THE PICTURES! GASP! Never mind they are a year old. THAT POOR WOMAN! Never mind she has made it very evident she has no credibility. It is just another soap box to stand on and try to shout down the facts so they feel good about themselves.
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    I thought about the points you raised. I know he's a public figure and has a higher threshold to prove than the average citizen. I just wasn't sure whether calling a person a woman beater when it's not proven that he is crosses that threshold.
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    Define PC.

    And, yes, the world has always been PC. Only on days of old, if society didn't like what you said, you'd disappear or be hung from a rope or have your house burned, etc.

    What is different is we are more aware of it through social media. But it's always been this way.
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    Yup...everyone wants rights...but fewer and fewer want any responsibilities
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    If Elliott actually did commit this crime( and I hope he didn't and the accuser doesn't sound trustworthy) I want him off this team.
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    I think you kind of explained it yourself; Twitter.

    Social media has made the world smaller and made opinions louder.

    People whose opinion you haven't heard have always existed. (I mean 'you' in the general sense).

    How we, as a whole and as individuals, deal with being exposed to other opinions has been the real problem-- for better or for worse.

    Back on topic:

    Just for the record, I'm not seeing how any of this this relates to being "PC".

    This is more agenda driven by the league to satisfy an elusive ideological base.
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    That's a fair assessment.

    But the problem is, no one really knows.

    The whole premise from the league is that she got bruises while with him and be didn't have a solid explanation on how she got them.

    Which is kind of unfair because if you don't actually know how someone got wounded, how are you supposed to have an explanation?
  16. Fletch

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    Punitive Coercion.
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    "PC" is just a right wing term to disparage decency and attempt to justify bigotry and hate.

    As you said, the world has always been "PC". It's called basic common courtesy and not being an *******.
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    Truth. I could have a heated argument with my wife. She could cut herself in the bathroom, then call cops. Ta da I'm arrested and can't prove I didn't do it.
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    well.......thank goodness your not judge and jury

    At worst he is a kid learing from bad mistakes and doing dumb things kids do.

    Expeirience comes from bad judgment, bad judgement comes from lack of expeirience as you walk thru life.......
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