News: PFT: Will Allen says Cowboys atmosphere keeps Dallas from reaching potential

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    Allen said he felt like there was a constant weight on all the players and coaches in Dallas that making a mistake would get you benched or cut. He feels that pressure can have a negative impact on the team

    What a bunch of hooey, as we say in Farmers Branch, where Lone Star Cards, not capital one, are in our wallets.

    Nothing can be farther from the truth. If there is a place in the NFL where players are not held accountable and are not benched for poor play it is the Dallas Cowboys.
    I pray for the day that coaches call it like it is publicly and bench players. If a player screws up the game JG will surely call him a "competitor" and someone who "is trying to do it all by himself."
    But Will Allen was not here too long because of his subpar play and probably didn't realize how easy he had it at Camp Cupcake in Dallas.
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    Please inform me of some fact that Will Allen knew why the atmosphere became micro-managed? All he said was it was micro-managed...

    Now we had to have gotten to that state somehow, and when Parcells was here, "We were walking on egg shells". When Wade came, Spears was telling us how relaxed it was.

    So now we are in a CULTURE of micro-management... So the Garrett defenders were telling us the culture of Wade needed to be changed and Jerry needed to be reigned in. and people needed to be held accountable... And he was supposedly doing that and adding RKGs as well..

    Now, Will Allen is supposedly some proof for the Garrett defenders that Jerry Jones is te monkey wrench in Garrett's plan, because the culture is micro-managed?

    Looks to me like Jerry Jones let's his coaches do their thing, except for probably Wade, who was the figre-head except for year one of his coaching...

    Hilarious.. I'm also sure Allen is a nice guy and doesn't want to implicate anybody nor does he really include every coach in the organization as a great coach...
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    You might not agree with him, but it's not him missing the point so much as him not agreeing with what it is you think the problem is. He specifically says in this quote that he does not think the issue is the coaching, and that's pretty consistent with anything I've ever heard from any players, coaches, or insiders coming out of Valley Ranch.
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    I'm only going to answer one of your objections at a time, khiladi. Are we done talking about why everybody is assuming Allen is talking about something other than the coaching staff with his comments?
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    So a nice guy like Allen says everybody is all good but the whole atmoshere is micro-managed means it's jerry Jones fault? That's what we are assuming? Again, where does Will Allen implicate Jerry Jones? Did he say Jerry Jones is interfering with the operation of coaching?

    I smell agenda.. Isn't accountability what the Garrett homers wanted? Not for Garrett of course...
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    Funny, when people ask the Garrett lovers how Garrett has been changing the culture, it's about RKG that buy into his system and love to play hard for him and don't question coaching.. Now, Will Allen in some politically correct statement of not attacking anybody is some evidence that JJ is messing up Garrett... But I though Garrett was changing everything including the Camp Cupcake amosphere that Wade brought? Maybe Garrett went to extreme..
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    playoff win in 17 years says he's telling the truth. the main problem here is Jerry Jones, and you know it.
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    we have known this for about 15 years.
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    Where does he implicate the coaching? Where does he implicate a coach? If language means anything, and if you had to choose between him implicating a coach or implicating a non-coach, you would ask "does he mention either of them?" Ahhhhh, he mentions coaching! To criticize it? No to praise it.....

    Who has the agenda?
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    Truth. But what's ironic is, Garrett forgets the "4th phase"-, ie. solid Head Coaching- in almost every game for a period of time because he's so concerned with finding his ideal headset setting, or say listening to the official's explanation as to why they blew another call without getting upset.

    Look, Will Allen is a scrub - but I can see from a distance a very tight football team that has talent but is insecure about it's ability to execute under pressure. It just doesn't play like it's having any fun at all out there.

    When other teams win their giddy, when we win it's a sigh of relief. Not sure what the fix is but I bet it starts with the GM but will have to include the HC in any scenario.
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    Will Allen is currently back playing for Pittsburgh, and they don't play us. So why is anybody asking him what's going on in Dallas in the first place? Was it just someone interviewing him about the season in general, or was it a case of someone trying to stir up something?
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    Talking about why Dallas continues to disappoint and underachieve year after year is not stirring anything up.

    Everybody involved in the NFL wonders this and talks about it each December.
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    I find it especially interesting that he called our coaches some of the best in the business. It begs the question whether our problem is Garrett and co. based like we all like to say or whether it is this problem of mismanagement starting with the Jones clan. What if Garrettt is actually a good coach but is undermined by the ownerships micro management?
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    That means nothing. How many times have you heard players defend a "players coach" and say that they're professional enough to play at a high level, without needing a hard-driving coach that instills fear in them? So many players said things were going to be so much better under Wade Phillips because "he really listens to his players" and "treats them like professionals." Guess what? They weren't. He took a surging Bill Parcells team, rode the wave to a 13-3 record...and then got upset in the very first playoff game. And then things went downhill from there. Players are NOT professional enough to manage themselves, they DO need the fear of getting called out, benched or cut to properly motivate them.

    I remember the look on Jimmy's face after losing to the Detroit Lions in the divisional playoff round in 1991. He was so disgusted with the team he could barely speak. Basically said there wasn't nearly enough talent on the team yet but he was going to correct that in short order. In other words, heads were going to roll. And that was AFTER upsetting the Bears in the wildcard round! Do you think that would happen with this current regime? No, they'd be overjoyed with a single playoff victory, using it as ammunition to defend "the process" and to suggest that the team is on the right track after all.
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    He's not. Jimmy Johnson would NOT have run the ball three times against the Lions, trying to kill an un-killable clock. Most good coaches attack in that situation, recognizing that they needed a first down to win the game. He ran and hid. But I'll give you this, Jones doesn't do him any favors either.
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    I stopped reading when I got to the part of Will Allen saying we have great coaches...........................HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    I think he needs to be tested for concussion syndrome, the dude is tripping if he thinks Opie and Grandpa are great coaches...............................LOL
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    Now if we had a looser, more player friendly atmosphere like the Steelers do, we'd have a record like they have right now. Oh, wait...........;)
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    Anyone who is bashing Allen or disagrees is in complete denial or not very bright.
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    You know what I think? Is that we have no potential, we constantly overrate players who would probably be practice squad players else where.
    There is no "hidden talent" on dallas, I think our players just aren't as talented and us having bad coaching sure doesn't help.

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