PFW Draft Blog: Levi Brown better than Joe Thomas

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Apr 9, 2007.

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    Some NFL evaluators say Brown will be better OT than Thomas

    According to several of my sources, there is an outside chance Levi Brown, in contrast to popular perception, could be the first offensive tackle drafted. Three teams with which I consulted in the past 24 hours regard Brown to be the top OT prospect in the draft. Wisconsin's Joe Thomas is clearly more refined and polished, they admitted, but every team values talent differently. With 32 teams, there are 32 different flavors, and Brown’s more physical style of play is strongly preferred by teams that seek to employ a smash-mouth, knock-‘em-off-the-ball front.

    Few could dispute that Brown is bigger, stronger and plays with more power. Several top decision-makers who have met with defensive prospects have also cited conversations with players as further evidence, accompanying their evaluations, to support their belief.

    Top pass rushers who have faced both Thomas and Brown have told interrogating teams that Thomas is good but they would much rather play against him than Brown. The reason cited by players: “Brown is so big and plays to hurt you.”

    Anchor ability was also cited definitively by one evaluator as one of Brown’s greater strengths in comparison to the rest of the OT crop. Thomas, Central Michigan OT Joe Staley, Notre Dame’s Ryan Harris, Arkansas OT Tony Ugoh and Boston College's James Marten — who are all potential OLT prospects — do not come close to possessing the type of core strength and power that Brown does.

    That said, I still expect Thomas to be the first offensive tackle drafted. Brown, however, will not be very far behind, and if I were pulling the trigger, I would feel better about the long-term prospects of Brown.

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    Here in AZ the Cardinals are salivating over Joe Thomas. I can't see him falling past them. Brown would have to do a huge leap up draft boards to be selected ahead of him.

    Oh and credit to Stanley Spadowski for reporting this about some GMs and Brown about a month ago. He has some good contacts. Via PM he told me that one thing scouts and GMs definitely like about Brown over Thomas is the length of his arms. They believe he will still get a lot stronger and harder to deal with.
  3. Sam I Am

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    It's true. Style of play matters, but unless you are a big time running team I would go with a more rounded player rather than one that uses brut force. This all points back to Leonard Davis. This is a guy with a mountain a strength and physical ability to play. The problem is all he wanted to do was muscle defenders around rather than use his other abilities that could have made him one of the most dominating offensive linemen in history. I will take great technique over brut force everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.
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    I wouldn't be surprised to see the Cards make a deal with Detroit and move up to the #2 overall pick to get Thomas.

    It goes against their conservative nature, but I think the new coaching staff might have the stroke to get it done.

    The one question mark I have for Brown is his motivation, which is a big factor to me. I've seen plenty of talented linemen have mediocre careers because they didn't have the drive to be great. That's my one worry about Brown.
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    This is like when Mike Williams jumped ahead of Bryant McKinnie. There were question marks about Williams but he's got a great personality which allowed him to interview very well.

    That year the Bengals were slammed for taking Levi Brown with the 10th pick -- several draft pundits suggested they could have had Brown in the 2nd.

    Of course, Brown is the best of the 3, McKinnie is pretty solid, and Williams stinks.
  6. CrazyCowboy

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    I wish we could have five 1st rd picks....then I would be happy!
  7. Rockytop6

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    I would be happy with 5 second round picks.
  8. Q_the_man

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    What is it if ur name is Levi brown u are automatically a OL....
  9. Chocolate Lab

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    I always thought that if I were a GM/scout/whatever, asking the best players who they thought were the best players they ever played against would be a huge piece of information. They should know better than anyone.
  10. burmafrd

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    But that is only valid if they tell the truth. Some of these guys would be coached by their agents to mention the most publicised of their opponents- not necessarily the one that gave them the hardest time.
  11. jobberone

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    Why would they do that?

    I think talking to opposing players could help but the pro game is so different. I'm wondering if that knowledge translates well.
  12. burmafrd

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    Like I said if they were honest then you would definitly have good data. BUT AS I said also- agents are trying to micromanage everything- and I would not be surprised at them being coached on that as well; anything to make them look better. If you admit some joe schmoe punked your butt, how does that look?

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Well, if I were lucky enough to be in that position and have the question asked, I'm pretty sure I'd pick somebody who's arse I beat up and down the field.

  14. speedkilz88

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    Kiper slammed the Bungles for not trading down and getting more picks and still drafting Levi Jones since nobody expected him to go that high. He made sure to say that he thought Brown was going to be an excellent OT.

    Even last year the Bills did pretty much the same thing as the Bungles. They took Witner an excellent safety but way higher than anyone expected. So they could have traded down and probably gotten an extra second round pick and still have gotten their man.
  15. Chocolate Lab

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    Like jobberone said, not sure why they'd have an incentive to lie. Anyone watching tape would know they were lying if they chose a guy they beat all day over a guy who limited them to just a few catches.

    And psst, it's Levi Jones for the Bengals. But we know that's what absersonc meant. :)
  16. SDogo

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    Where on earth have you ever seen Browns motivation called into question? The guy was a vocal leader on the field, in the locker room and in the weight room. The first 2 men to practice and films and last to leave every day were Poz and Brown. Following the program as closely as I do my 1 concern about Brown would not be motivation. If anything it would be that he would burn out to quickly.

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