News: PFW: Garrett's simplicity improves Cowboys' recipe

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    Posted Nov. 15, 2010 @ 2:51 p.m. ET
    By Eric Edholm

    The title of interim head coach often implies that a team is just biding its time with a placeholder until it can find someone else to run the ship. And when Jason Garrett took over as head coach for Wade Phillips at the start of last week, most of the talk gazed skyward for whom Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would go after following the season, someone larger, someone grander. Bill Cowher. Jon Gruden. You name it.

    But a strange thing happened Sunday: The Cowboys rose up and played their best game of the season under Garrett in his first game, and it gives him a fighting chance to keep the job next year if he can keep the team playing at the level it played at on Sunday.

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    That's the big question. Has Garrett sold the entire team on his recipe to turn this team around? Everything was supposedly stacked against the Cowboys, yet with his coaching his players played their best game so far. If they can repeat their level of play, we got a good shot to beat the Lions giving us a 2 game winning streak for first time this year & our first home game win this year. Go Cowboys.

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